Innovate like a startup.
Deliver like an enterprise.

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How Kinvey helps you...

rocket Innovate like a startup

  • Start developing immediately with the tools of your choice and enable an agile delivery model
  • Go from development to production with no throw away code
  • Deliver 5-star user experiences with sub-second response, offline operation and user engagement
  • Control your monthly spend with no hidden overage or infrastructure costs

enterprise Deliver like an enterprise

  • Abstract and accelerate high latency legacy systems via reusable services
  • Implement policies and controls for identity and access management
  • Enable end-to-end data and token security and compliance
  • Achieve enterprise-level SLAs on robust cloud-native infrastructure
Decoupled Architecture

Patented platform enables agile, bimodal development

Full featured client SDKs connect to reusable serverless app services that abstract and accelerate enterprise systems.

  • Build any kind of app - native, hybrid, web, IoT - using any development platform
  • Frontend developers have a single protocol, data format, and query language to access any enterprise system
  • Backend developers provide controlled access to enterprise systems through a reusable service catalog

Kinvey enables developers with only frontend-specific skills to build apps against complex enterprise systems.


Client SDKs

Reusable client-side features accelerate frontend development

Up-to-date client SDKs for native, hybrid, and web development.

  • Multiple built-in caching policies enable a complete set of offline user experiences
  • Data synchronization supports long periods of offline operation for your mobile workforce
  • Delta-set fetch optimizes performance and data usage
  • Anonymized tokens to securely run on untrusted devices
  • All data at rest is secured with AES-256 encryption

Kinvey lets you turn on all these features with a single line of code. Visit the Dev Center to learn more.


Kinvey Serverless Cloud Platform

Complete digital app platform proven to power any app use case

Integrated serverless cloud platform that is instantly available.

  • Identity and access management
  • Data store
  • File store with CDN
  • Push notifications, SMS and email services
  • Location services
  • Beacon support
  • User and usage analytics

Kinvey significantly reduces the time, cost, and risk of your app projects. Don’t believe us?

“By partnering with Kinvey and leveraging their serverless cloud platform, we were able to produce a working application for a customer in just 20 days.”

Justin Lake, Principal
Venado Technologies

Rapid and Flex Integration Services

Rapid and Flex integration service to enterprise systems enable quick and secure app access

Data Connect: secure no-code and low-code integrations to enterprise data

  • Instantly configure and provision REST APIs to enterprise systems
  • Filter and map data to enable digital app-friendly data delivery
  • Define granular access control rules

Identity Connect: secure no-code and low-code integrations to enterprise auth:

  • Instantly configure and provision OAUTH APIs to enterprise auth sources
  • Secure enterprise tokens and deliver anonymized tokens to digital apps
  • Enable SSO across your digital apps

Kinvey lets you go from months to minutes with your enterprise integrations.

Cloud Cache And Data Orchestration

Sub-second data acceleration and orchestration for fast, contextual experiences

Make your slow enterprise system appear blazingly fast to your digital apps.

  • Cache frequently accessed data to enable expedient delivery to the app
  • Granular caching policies enable flexibility and control
  • Quickly provision data hooks and triggers as microservices using our node.js PaaS
  • Develop and deploy custom backend code for your application to enable rich digital experiences

Even complex enterprise systems can be accelerated. With Kinvey, you can make your existing SAP instance performant in less than five minutes.

Platform Cache Node.JS

End-to-End Security and Compliance

Built-in Security & compliance to manage risk and ensure governance

Your app is secured by design no matter what dev team you use.

  • All external requests from your digital app are always secured at dev time by the Kinvey SDKs
  • Data is always encrypted: at-rest and during transmission
  • Secure TLS/SSL communications between the device to Kinvey to your enterprise
  • Secure communications with enterprise systems
  • Anonymized tokens on untrusted, unmanaged devices
  • Progress Health Cloud, powered by Kinvey, for healthcare and life sciences use cases

With Kinvey, you can secure your app from dev time.


Operational Intelligence

Troubleshooting, performance analysis, and user engagement insight

Built-in go live operational intelligence to handle end user support, security, compliance and usage analytics.

  • Dashboards help your level 1/2/3 support staff to troubleshoot and resolve end user issues
  • Track end-to-end user activity for security and compliance audit purposes
  • Identify and correct performance bottlenecks before your end users see them
  • Fast root-cause analysis without having to spend time and resources to reproduce problems

Most app analytics solutions available today are for marketing teams. Kinvey Operational Intelligence is built for both business and IT support needs.


Built-in versioning and lifecycle management enable agile app delivery with no extra effort for your digital-first teams


  • Supports distributed development and use of partners or systems integrators
  • Admins control who has access to different development, staging, and production environments
  • Enables bimodal (a.k.a 2-speed) IT with loosely coupled frontend and backend teams


  • Create multiple versions of an app backend with a single command
  • Easily migrate changes from one environment to another
  • Command line tools integrate with your CI/CD environment of choice
  • Developers can continuously innovate without impacting production
Infrastructure and Ops Included

Fully managed service frees you to focus on the app, not infrastructure or DevOps

Single and multi-tenant deployment models are available on multiple cloud providers.

  • Infrastructure and DevOps included with SLA guarantees
  • No separate infrastructure and operations costs
  • We scale the infrastructure to meet your application needs - no more provisioning for peak demand
  • Always up-to-date with latest features and security patches

A fully managed service lets you spend your time and effort on what matters most: the user experience.


Open Platform

Standards-based open architecture

Avoid vendor lock-in. Your apps are built using open standards.

  • REST, JSON, TLS/SSL, PKI standards throughout the platform
  • Open source Client SDKs
  • Based on open source software such as Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, and more
  • Data can be exported at any time
  • RAPID connectors are built using open source tools and packages

Kinvey gives you the peace of mind that you will be able to adapt your digital strategy to a constantly evolving world.


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