enterprise-mobilityFor Propelics, enterprise mobility strategy and an on-device prototype in two weeks isn’t just a sales pitch. It’s our business model. Our App Scoping and Prototype Kickstart has produced successful mobile strategies and game-changing apps for countless Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

We deliver an enterprise mobile strategy custom-tailored to your company’s specific needs and a working prototype in two weeks. Find out how! 

This is a guest post from Steve Brykman, Sr. Mobile Strategist at Propelics

Enterprise Mobility Strategy

We do our homework

Firstly, we get to know your business as best we can before we begin an engagement. By the time we show up we already have a good picture of your brand’s market, look and feel and we even have an idea what we think the app should do. But we always keep an open mind, because occasionally something new will come up that we hadn’t expected, whether it be a new feature, a strategy for rolling-out functionality, or an idea for an app outside the scope of the current project. 

We take it on the road

Secondly, we don’t get all our ideas for app features from boardroom ideation sessions. Sometimes (usually) the biggest learning opportunities happen in our Day in the Life Sessions. We shadow the client’s employees as they go about their daily routine to witness firsthand how work really gets done and to learn what we can do specifically to make their lives better through mobile. Surprisingly, this kind of information usually doesn’t make it to the executives, even though it definitely should.  

We work together and think ahead

While we’re gathering business drivers and logging hundreds of app ideas (in a single day!) in the background, we’re already looking ahead. Our developers are laying the groundwork. Our strategists are wondering which ideas would produce the biggest bang for the buck. Our UX architects and designers are asking themselves how features should be clustered and which interaction modalities make the most sense. Because in the end, it’s all about producing the most intuitive mobile products possible. 

Not our first rodeo

Look, Propelics has been at this Enterprise Mobility thing for a long time. By now, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Kind of like how the third baby is easier than the first. But more significant perhaps, is the breadth of our experience. Our team combines designers, architects and developers from all specialties, including finance, health care, gaming and consumer apps, and backgrounds in art and science, even medical school. Because you never know which walk of life is going to furnish the best answer. So while you may think your problems are insurmountable, it’s likely we’ve seen something similar before. The result? There’s nothing we can’t handle. Just try to stump us. Heck, we even helped Merck produce a better weapon in the battle against cancer in the form of an iPad app that improves the global consistency of their Budget Impact Model. 

We achieve the impossible

This isn’t hyperbole. Our intense discovery process, combined with our own long years of experience in Enterprise Mobility enable us to accomplish tasks our clients previously assumed were impossible, i.e. one auto loan refinance company assured us there was no way to redesign their software to pull-off a 1-call close. And then we went and did it. With an interface so intuitive a new hire could start processing loans on day one. And for DLL, Propelics replaced binders-full of spreadsheets with two digital dials in a mobile app. They were understandably bewildered:

“Tears of joy are streaming down my face!  JB just called and said I must have it wrong because it was too easy.” 

— Robin Corney-Horst, Director of Sales, DLL

Same goes for Hyundai:

“IT’s been working on the same thing for 4 years. You guys did it in 2 weeks.”

— Michael DePaul, Sr. Group Manager, Incentives, Hyundai Motor America

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Another side benefit of deep experience is you not only develop a working knowledge of so many industries and an understanding for each industry’s specific needs, you also build an enormous catalog of reusable code snippets and UI layouts for features we see again and again, all fine-tuned over years of mobile evolution. This saves us enormous amounts of time while allowing us to deliver the best product possible.

Further, utilizing an MADP like Axway’s Appcelerator and Kinvey’s mBaaS solution gives us a big jumpstart far beyond the prototyping phase. Because these aren’t kid’s toys but rather, they’re real development tools that provide reusable, enterprise-level code and assets, saving us countless hours when it comes time to build the ‘real-deal’ app.  

Mobile: there is no downside

As you can see, all this takes focus. A lot of focus. We don’t mind the red-eye flights home or the many details of an Enterprise Mobile Strategy Kickstart. We take care of our clients (check out our list!). Propelics boasts a one hundred percent satisfaction rate and has pages of client testimonials to prove it–we’ve been impressing Fortune 500 CEOs worldwide since 2013.

To learn more about the Propelics process and what mobile can do to streamline your business processes for happier, more productive employees, don’t wait! Talk to a Propelics Mobile Strategist today.

Steven Brykman, Sr. Mobile Strategist at Propelics

propelics steve byrkmanSteven is a Digital Strategist and UX Architect focusing on Mobile Products with a diverse background in writing and literature. He spent much of the last decade as Creative Technologist/Lead Strategist of his own design company, helping Fortune 500 companies define the direction of their digital campaigns, websites and mobile applications. Additionally, he co-founded Apperian, a Boston-based mobile technology startup.