kinvey-hipaa-graphic-textToday we are excited to announce a HIPAA compliant instance of Kinvey on Google Cloud Platform. With dramatic increase in mobile app usage by patients, physicians, and consumers, intense pressure for healthcare organizations to reduce costs while improving outcomes, and increased HIPAA regulatory oversight and fines, we’re seeing increasing demand for cloud-based mobile solutions. Our HIPAA compliant mBaaS was created to address these needs.

Our new solution provides healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical and life sciences companies with a secure, compliant and complete platform for all of their mobile and responsive web apps. Given that it’s delivered as a fully-managed service, running on Google Cloud Platform, customers can focus on delivering their apps instead of building, managing, securing, and patching infrastructure – significantly reducing IT CAPEX and OPEX costs and dramatically reducing app time to market. Kinvey ensures adherence to all aspects of the HIPAA Security Rules, and will sign a Business Associate Agreement with customers to cover the Kinvey backend as a service and underlying infrastructure.

Kinvey on Google Cloud Platform is available today! Sign up here.

Google also has a blog post with some more information about this new collaboration between Kinvey and Google — check it out.

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