Kinvey BaaS Login Screen

Kinvey BaaS Management Console Login

Over the last few years, Kinvey has been a leader in rolling out new Backend as a Service  (BaaS) features to support the digital innovation and transformation efforts of our enterprise customers.  Many of these features have focussed on making it easy for our customers to solve hard problems including data integration and orchestration for their new apps.  Some of the key capabilities include Rapid Services for no-code integration into enterprise data systems, Mobile Identity Connect to federate identity access across auth providers, and Flex Service Runtime to run event-based microservices.

As adoption increased for these enterprise features, we noticed that there were two different personas using our BaaS management console — the frontend developer (who was building the apps) and the backend enterprise application owner (who was integrating Kinvey to enterprise systems).  We started to get feedback from our customers to streamline our management console user experience to help these two personas do their work in a decoupled manner.  This meant that the frontend developers could build a complete app using various Kinvey features, while the backend developer integrated auth and data services into Kinvey and published them as services in a Service Catalog.  Once services were available in a Service Catalog, the frontend developer could “flip a switch” and have their apps use enterprise data and auth services, instead of Kinvey data and auth services, without changing a single line of code in their app.

This vision to make it easy for developers to build and integrate apps and services in a decoupled development model, led us to work on Kinvey’s new v5 Management Console.  All our early adopters have been really happy with what we have launched, and we are excited to share it with everyone.

Here’s are a few examples of what’s new in Kinvey’s v5 Management Console:

Apps and Service Catalog

Kinvey’s BaaS Management Console is now designed to separate the activities of app development from backend integration and configuration. Frontend developers mostly stay in the Apps section, and backend integrators stay in the Service Catalog section.

Kinvey new BaaS console

New BaaS Console View

Service Catalog 

We have made it really easy to add, edit and browse new services in a Service Catalog.  The UI/UX is very clear and it enables a separation of responsibilities between app development and backend integration.


BaaS data connectivity service catalog

BaaS Service Catalog


Rapid and Flex Services

Rapid Services enable no code, configuration only integration to backend systems.  We have enhanced it and made it much easier to use with a new wizard-like workflow.  You can get more information in our dev center for Rapid Services

Flex Services, announced in December, 2016, allow you to create and host custom microservices on Kinvey.  These Flex Services can be used to connect to 3rd-Party data and auth services, run business logic, trigger actions and enable mashups.  You can get more information in our dev center for Flex Service Runtime.

Kinvey BaaS add a integration service

Add a Rapid or Flex Service

Apps with Improved Navigation and UI

The frontend App Development side has significant improvements as well. The Dashboard (landing page) for the App has most of the critical information about your application available at a glance.

The left navigation for application development has been made easier to find everything that you need to build your app in one location.

Kinvey BaaS app dashboard

App Dashboard


We will continue to iterate quickly and launch new features, UI/UX enhancements, tools and new documentation to make developing and running your apps on Kinvey easier.    We are very excited for you to sign-up or login to Kinvey to give our new console a try and send us your feedback.  You can access Kinvey’s new console here —

And watch a quick intro video here: