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8Z Real Estate

By: 8z
COLORADO and NORTHERN CALIFORNIA house hunting on the go! Full details, photos and maps plus a GPS locator to find homes near you.

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By: Access
A variety of apps built for the enterprise

#DrinkFreely! Barpass is an app where you can sign up to different bar events and get exclusive access to alcohol for 1 hour.

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By: Love the 88
How popular are your Instagram selfies? What about your friends? For the Instagram addict, BeUrSelfie is the ultimate app to see where you stack up among your friends and other users, rank others, and maybe even discover and connect with that cute guy or girl who follows you.

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By: Medullan
CarePass connects to the health and fitness apps you love to help you: Set and track goals. See all your app data in one place. Access care when you need it.

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Congress Votes

CongressVotes Delivers Capitol Hill Daily to iPhone & iPod Touch

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Dr. Peale

The purpose of this app is to bring the wit, wisdom, and power of Dr. Peale's sermons to mobile phone users so they can re-discover the power of his message.

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By: Bayer
A tablet app used for data capture of event attendees for the Durazone “Drive Out Weeds” Sweepstakes

FishLine finds Fresh Local Seafood for you from fishermen off the boat and local seafood markets.

Flooring America

App to show a product catalog to distributors at a conference

Freedom$ is a research and behavior support system that helps people who want to accumulate enough money to one day have control over their work-life balance, based on what worked for others.

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Ever need a reminder to do something good for yourself? meTime helps you to organize what healthy activities to do and encourages their completion in order to help you feel better.

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Search for images from multiple online image collections!

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By: Medullan
Explore beautiful cities around the walking or running wherever you are now. Passage turns your boring treadmill run or walk around the neighborhood into a journey through the city of your dreams.

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Relax Me is designed to help you energize and unwind, anywhere, at any time. It is based on a well-researched therapeutic technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR).

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Rexnord Bearings

By: Applico
Rexnord’s popular Bearing Mobile Pro™ has been upgraded to provide you with a host of new selling tools at your fingertips.

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Schneider Electric

A variety of apps built for the enterprise

By: Applico
ShadowMe lets you view another person's Twitter Timeline, exactly how they see it. You'll have a blast seeing Twitter through the lens of your favorite celebrities, athletes, friends or colleagues...and so much more!

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Simple Visa

By: Simple Visa
Retrieve, import, create and submit your US visa waiver (ESTA) with SimpleVisa!

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By: Soulodex
Soulodex highlights African American and other minority businesses, organizations, resources, and events wherever you are.
Street Beat Sing

Explore and discover Singapore. Day or night, avenues to lanes, Street Beat is your urban photography companion. Free and available on Samsung smart phones and cameras.

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Street Beat Tai

Explore and discover your Taipei. Day or night, avenue to back alley, Street Beat is your urban photography companion. Free and available on Samsung smart phones and cameras.

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A variety of apps built for lead capture
Wine Not

By: Pearapps S.R.L.
Winenot is the mobile application that makes the user the real protagonist in the world of wine: Creates a top list of favorite wines to share with friends and immediately get bonuses and discounts. All for free.

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Zigo Taxi

By: Zigo Taxi
Order a taxi from your smartphone via a direct connection to the taxi driver.

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