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AWS Launches Mobile Services: Mobile is a Key Driver to Cloud Adoption

Thursday Jul 10, 2014

Welcome AWSWith AWS’s announcement of their mobile services today, I’d like to formally welcome Amazon to the Backend as a service (MBaaS) neighborhood. Through AWS’s partnership conversations with us over the years, they have seen how MBaaS companies have built platforms on AWS and took notice of the customer adoption we have achieved over the last 3+ years. They’ve likely learned a lot from us. Now, they are attempting to take their learnings and capitalize on them to expand their business into a market that is clearly growing. Continue reading

Mobile Identity for the Enterprise: Kinvey Launches Mobile Identity Connect

Wednesday Jul 2, 2014

SecurityToday, Kinvey launches Mobile Identity Connect, a service that seamlessly secures mobile, tablet, and responsive Web apps with any enterprise identity system. By providing a bridge for apps to leverage enterprise identity in a secure fashion, Mobile Identity Connect enables existing IT infrastructure investment to provide authentication for mobile. Continue reading

Google is Stepping Up Their Enterprise Game: Notes From Google I/O, Day 1

Thursday Jun 26, 2014

IO14I’m lucky enough to be at Google I/O this year and thought I’d share my thoughts on yesterday’s keynote. We think Google’s enterprise focus is great news at Kinvey – as businesses look to launch cross-platform mobility projects, some of these enterprise-grade features will be very welcome. Continue reading

SQL vs NoSQL: Structure in a Schemaless World

Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

SwiftYour data is important. There’s no question about that. But the real value isn’t apparent until your data is presented and organized. SQL and NoSQL databases take different approaches to this, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at how Kinvey handles structure in a schemaless world. Continue reading

WWDC Recap: Apple’s New OS Means Even Better Apps

Monday Jun 9, 2014

SwiftSo Apple’s WWDC is over. I had an exhausting week of meeting great engineers from all over the world, nerding out on Swift, and trying out the new SDKs and APIs. This conference generated a lot of work to keep me busy over the next few months. Continue reading

Swift vs. Objective-C: What Does it Mean for Kinvey and Our Customers?

Thursday Jun 5, 2014

SwiftThe biggest and most palpable WWDC announcement has been the introduction of the new language, Swift. In fact this new language has pretty much overshadowed the ton of new features added to iOS, OSX and XCode. But what does Swift mean for Kinvey? Let’s find out. Continue reading

Is CloudKit a Backend as a Service?

Wednesday Jun 4, 2014

CloudKitI’ve been getting a lot of questions thrown my way since Apple unveiled CloudKit at WWDC, most of which have the same three elements in common: “Did Apple just throw their hat into the ring? Do you think you’ll end up competing against them? Are you worried?” The answers are yes, not as much as you might think, and not at all. Here’s why. Continue reading

WWDC Day 2: What iOS 8 Means for Kinvey

Wednesday Jun 4, 2014

HomeKitWow, another big day of announcements from Apple for us developers! I’m putting together my first impressions of these announcements before learning too many details in order to just talk about what is publicly available. Let’s go over the services and features Apple announced and what that means for us here at Kinvey. Continue reading

WWDC Day 1: Not Much New in Beacons

Tuesday Jun 3, 2014

HomeKitIt was a big day for us iOS developers, with Federighi-claus handing out treats left and right. There were new exciting features for developers like inter-app communication, iOS extensions like sharing and keyboards, new capabilities like HealthKit and HomeKit, and a brand new programming language! However, conspicuously absent was anything new with Beacons. Continue reading

Building the Cost of a Mobile App: What Went in to our App Cost Estimator

Thursday May 29, 2014

BeaconsIn many ways, developing our App Cost Estimator was a lot like building a mobile app. We started with the UX, connected it to the backend, tested, improved, and deployed – and now we’ve rolled out a new version. Read more about the process, and our recent improvements, in this post. Continue reading