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Kinvey Ties Backend as a Service With Open Cloud Foundry to Support Mobile-First Web-Second Apps

Over the last year and a half, we’ve had numerous developers tell us that they’d like to use Kinvey as the backend for their mobile apps, but at the same time, they need to connect web sites to Kinvey to give their users a browser-based experience as well. This trend has been called ‘Mobile-First Web-Second’ by folks like Fred Wilson and Mark Suster.

I’m happy to announce today that Kinvey is the first mobile and web Backend as a Service platform to integrate with Cloud Foundry’s Open Platform As A Service, so that developers using Kinvey and Cloud Foundry can create mobile apps that use Kinvey as its backend, and at the same time, build and deploy web and HTML5 applications and business logic on Cloud Foundry.


This new capability helps our developers solve the fragmentation challenge of end-user experiences on web, mobile and tablet interfaces. Developers are moving data and app logic from the client to the cloud so that the backend orchestrates the right information and flow to the appropriate end point. Developers can now focus their attention and budgets on building the applications they want to without having to spend time or money developing intricate backend code or managing the infrastructure to support it.

Our goal at Kinvey is to constantly strive to solve the next generation of hard problems for mobile and web developers. Kinvey’s Cloud Foundry integration provides developers with an integrated BaaS+PaaS backend that runs mobile-first, web-second architectures, and gives them the ability to easily code, deploy and manage web consoles and custom server-side code. By building a bridge between Platform as a Service and Kinvey’s Backend as a Service, we have provided our developer community with a much-needed capability to simplify the process of launching data-driven mobile and web applications.

Here’s a comprehensive report about the Kinvey Cloud Foundry integration, featured in TheNextWeb. 

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