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Why REST+JSON for your mobile backend makes sense

SOAP+XML was an important milestone for the programmable web. However the web has gone through a major transition in the past 3-4 years that require easier, lighter and faster integration between loosely coupled systems. Not to mention the rise of the mobile web where client side trade offs take a “front and iphone_battery_drainedcenter” stance.

There’s nothing more annoying than an app sucking up all the battery life on a phone.  In order to avoid writing one of those pesky battery-hog apps, smart choices on protocols is crucial. This is where REST+JSON become really relevant in today’s client-server architectures.


Since SOAP is based on XML, typically XML is used for data payloads as well. XML is big, so memory suffers and it requires a lot more processing than its lighter weight counter part, JSON. SOAP is really not that simple either (despite the name Simple Object Access Protocol), it is built on rigid type checking and requires complicated development tools.

The take away is the importance in choosing the appropriate protocol for your mobile backend, the clear leader is REST+JSON.

For more background on this long running debate see this post .

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