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Avoiding 9 Common Mobile UX Pitfalls

ebookcoverimageThere’s always someone who knows more than you do. I used to consider that truism to be a call to arms. I thought it meant that I should aspire to know more than the next guy. Turns out, that interpretation is as ridiculous as a car on the highway frantically passing vehicles that aren’t racing back. Instead we should aspire to identify those who know more than we do, and learn from them.

And that’s just what we try to do on Kinvey’s marketing team.

Several months ago, Kinvey’s marketing team came across an eBook called The App Design Handbook, by a designer named Nathan Barry. Beautiful to look at and informative to read, Barry’s book was aligned perfectly with our vision for marketing as a service. It delivered value without asking for anything in return. So I reached out.

Barry agreed to write an eBook for Kinvey’s community. We rifled through possible topics in search of one that would meet a need that hadn’t yet been met. We wanted mobile app developers to be a little better at their craft for having read the eBook. Eventually we settled on How to Avoid the Common Mobile UX Mistakes in hopes that the tips would help readers avoid user experience pitfalls that could blunt their app’s popularity.

So what are the most common traps? Barry proposes this list:

  1. Not simplifying the feature set
  2. Forgetting state
  3. Not using finger-sized tap targets
  4. Overcrowding views
  5. Keeping the user waiting without feedback
  6. Displaying the wrong keyboards
  7. Failing to do usability testing (or ignoring the results)
  8. Ignoring speed and caching
  9. Overusing push notifications

How can you avoid making these mistakes? For that level of detail, you’ll have to download the eBook. The good news is that it’s free. Grab it here.

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