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Building the Future of Enterprise Mobility: Our Quarterly Hackathon at Kinvey

Monday Apr 14, 2014

HackathonLast week was hackathon at Kinvey, and our engineers teamed up to spend three days creating hacks that extend the Kinvey platform in exciting new ways. Check out what our engineers have to say about their projects and get a glimpse of what’s to come with Kinvey in this blog post. Continue reading

On Enabling the Next Generation of Mobile Experiences

Wednesday Apr 9, 2014

Kinvey Client LibrariesHere’s something you probably wouldn’t expect to hear from a new Kinvey hire: I find many things mobile to be disappointing. More than five years into the so-called “mobile revolution” sparked by the release of the iPhone and the subsequent first wave of smartphone adoption, the status quo of mobile experiences remains surprisingly stagnant. I joined Kinvey because our software empowers developers to build the kind of apps that I want to see, and to help create a world where mobile apps don’t just have the potential to be disruptive and transformative, but actually are. Continue reading

Injecting Flexibility and Speed into Enterprise Mobile Web Application Development with New Fully-Featured JavaScript Frameworks

Thursday Apr 3, 2014

Kinvey Client LibrariesToday’s enterprises are looking for the fastest and easiest on-ramp to delivering engaging mobile, tablet and responsive web experiences. However, the reality is that most lack the skills, time or budget needed to deploy quality mobile experiences across multiple mobile platforms that require proprietary coding languages. To combat this, today we are introducing comprehensive, out-of-the-box support for the fullest range of JavaScript, Backbone.js, Ember.js and Angular.js HTML5 frameworks, as well as Appcelerator and PhoneGap modules. Continue reading

Making the most of Business Logic Collection Hooks

Wednesday Apr 2, 2014

Business LogicProviding an engine for executing server-side Business Logic is a core feature of the Kinvey platform, and a powerful one. Collection hooks in particular provide a powerful mechanism to modify, transform, and perform actions on your data before and/or after a particular request action (get, save, or delete). In this post, we’ll explain what you can accomplish with Kinvey’s collection hooks and provide links to resources that help you use collection hooks effectively. Continue reading

Simplifying Cross-Platform Enterprise App Development with Gizmox

Tuesday Apr 1, 2014

Kinvey - Gizmox integrationA few weeks ago we held a webinar with Gizmox to describe how our recently announced integration with Gizmox’s Visual WebGui HTML5 platform works in greater detail. For those of you who missed it or would like to review the content, we’ve embedded the recorded webinar here. Continue reading

Cloud Déjà vu: Enterprise Mobility Fueling New Agility and Productivity.

Thursday Mar 27, 2014

Margaret Rimmler Have you thought about what mobile apps can do for your business? The fact is, the enterprise workforce is already mobile and smart business leaders are tapping into that power to drive up productivity, engage customers, and disrupt business models with new channels and revenue sources. What do they see that other don’t? Continue reading

On Workplace Pride and Passion

Tuesday Mar 25, 2014

Tom JohnsonGenerally speaking when someone mentions the word “work,” it brings about a mixed bag of feelings and perceptions. No matter if the work is physical or mental, at times it can be rewarding. Other times, not so much. Working for a market leader like Kinvey – and with colleagues who are thought leaders and passionate about the company – gives the word “work” an entirely different and rewarding feeling and meaning. Continue reading

Data Modeling in Kinvey

Monday Mar 24, 2014

Data Modeling with KinveyKinvey makes building great apps really easy using our built-in data store. To make the most of the built-in data store it helps to model your data well. In this post we’re going to talk about how to use embedding and references to keep related data together. Continue reading

OhmzTech Enables Workforce Mobility Using Kinvey

Friday Mar 21, 2014

OhmzTechLearn how OhmzTech took advantage of Kinvey to build an enterprise-grade mobile app for a major international auto manufacturer. Continue reading

Presenting the Ember.js Library for Kinvey

Wednesday Mar 5, 2014

ember.jsThe latest addition to the Kinvey JavaScript libraries provides tight integration between Ember.js and Kinvey. If you are building a web application with Ember.js, using Kinvey to store your data now couldn’t be more easy. Continue reading