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We Got Our First Patent!

Wednesday Jul 8, 2015

Kinvey VisionWe’re extremely excited to announce that Kinvey has been granted patent #9047308 for “Methods and apparatus for providing unified access to various data resources using virtualized services.” In other words, Kinvey now holds a patent for the providing unified access to various data resources using virtualized services. If that sounds a bit like the core value of mBaaS, that’s because it is!

Oracle’s PaaS Announcement: It’s Getting a Little Crowded in Here

Tuesday Jun 23, 2015

Oracle PaaSYesterday we tuned in to Oracle’s PaaS announcement, as Larry Ellison and Thomas Kurian took the stage to present Oracle’s vision of their future. They announced more than 24 PaaS and infrastructure services, among them a new mobile cloud service that can loosely be defined as an mBaaS.

History Repeats Itself: PaaS, BaaS, Microservices, and APIs

Wednesday Jun 17, 2015

History Repeats ItselfThese are heady times in our industry and its much more exciting to talk about The Next Big Thing than revisiting the past. But as we move forward and build the next generation of Cloud Native Apps, it’s important to review some of the hard lessons we’ve learned over the last decade building and running large-scale n-tier apps, so that we don’t have to re-learn them all over again!

WWDC 2015: What Apple’s Latest Announcements Mean for the Enterprise

Friday Jun 12, 2015

WWDC 2015Apple’s WWDC conference wraps up today and, as expected, we heard about tons of consumer-oriented software updates. Hidden alongside all of the product buzz, however, were a few announcements that could have a major impact on enterprise mobility.

Universal Mind Provides mBaaS Example App on Kinvey

Thursday Apr 23, 2015

webinarAt Universal Mind, we get excited about creating compelling digital experiences. In many cases, we work with our clients to leverage mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) as an aspect of their overall mobile strategy. One recent opportunity allowed us to create a mobile app based on Kinvey for the purpose of education around architecture and capabilities.

Video Case Study: Schneider Electric’s Digital Innovation Platform

Monday Apr 6, 2015

webinarWe recently visited the Schneider Electric US headquarters in Andover, Massachusetts, to talk digital innovation with Mahesh Balasubramanian. Mahesh is a Senior Global Architect at Schneider, and was tasked with coming up with a platform strategy to allow Schnieder’s various business lines to build consistent looking mobile apps faster and less expensively.

Mobile Architecture Series: Why Mobile Requires a Four-Tier Architecture

Tuesday Mar 24, 2015

webinarMany enterprises are struggling because their IT architecture was built for the web, not mobile. IT demands consistency while lines of business need agility, and the two are caught in a tug of war that ends up stalling mobile projects.

Introducing the Kinvey Engineering Blog

Tuesday Mar 24, 2015

kinvey engineering blogThe engineering team we’ve built at Kinvey is awesome. To illustrate this, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a Kinvey Engineering Blog – one that focuses on the work our talented development team does on a daily basis.

How Google, Apple and IBM Are Trying to Solve Enterprise Mobility One App at a Time and Why That’s Only Half the Battle

Monday Mar 2, 2015

apple-securityThere’s a gold rush at play in enterprise mobility and it’s about time. Why? Because the enterprise is playing catch-up to a world in which mobile devices and apps are the norm – on the job, and off.

50 Shades of Grey’s Big, Beautiful Backend

Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

apple-securityOn July 21 of last year, to coincide with the release of the first official 50 Shades of Grey trailer, NBCUniversal launched a cross-platform app called The Internship Program. The app, designed by agency Stradella Road and backed by Kinvey, was an instant success, contributing to record box office sales numbers. Learn more about the app, and download the full case study, in this blog post.