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Thrive in the new Digital Era.

A major technology and user experience shift happens every 10 years (mainframe, mini, PC, client server, web, cloud, mobile, digital).  The pattern has remained unchanged since the advent of the mainframe. The Blackberry ushered in the smartphone era in 2003 and the first iPhone was introduced 10 years ago in 2007. We are living in the beginning of the next wave–the Digital Enterprise. But what does this mean?

A digital enterprise is an organization that leverages technology to transform its internal and external processes to create modern business models and user experiences.  Internally, a digital enterprise is agile, collaborative, and makes smarter decisions faster. Externally, it reaches customers and partners in new ways, providing them with intuitive, engaging, omnichannel experiences that are secure end to end.

Does this resonate with you?

Most senior IT and business leaders that we have spoken with are striving to become digital innovators to transform their operations across all user groups: customers, employees and partners.

What do digital innovators want to accomplish?

  1. Bring new ideas to market quickly, on time and within budget
  2. Gain high levels of user adoption and satisfaction
  3. Deliver visible wins via exceptional apps

The problem is that most IT infrastructure and processes were built during the Web Era and lack the capabilities and services required to deliver these new modern app experiences. And that’s where Backend as a Service (BaaS) comes in.

Using BaaS can help you achieve your digital goals faster by accelerating delivery of exceptional app experiences.

There are four main areas of technology and services that you need to consider (and provide) when building modern, Digital Era app experiences for all of your B2C, B2B and B2E use cases:

  • Which IDE and tools should be used?
  • How will the app securely and quickly access data and enable secure data flows?
  • Which omnichannel middleware services are required that don’t exist in your enterprise today?
  • How best to provide for the operations the app for development, test and production environments?

Backend as a Service mobile app components

Let’s take a closer look at what is needed in each area.

  • IDE and Tools include the tools and processes to develop, build, test and distribute the app:
    • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design
    • UX testing and user feedback
    • Native and hybrid development tools
    • CI/CD pipeline integration
    • Crash analytics
    • App distribution
  • Secure data flow includes everything that modern apps need to provide secure and high performing app experiences no matter whether the app is online or offline.
    • Offline cache
    • Data encryption
    • Intelligent sync
    • Conflict resolution
    • Data filtering
    • Network encryption
    • User management
    • Token management
    • Abstracted API methods
  • Middleware services provide key capabilities needed to deliver secure and engaging user experiences via contextual data orchestration, no matter what the data source. 
    • Cloud-based identity management
    • Enterprise identity management systems integrations
    • Data access authorization
    • Cloud-based data storage for new mobile data
    • Enterprise & cloud systems integration
    • Cloud-based file storage
    • Data cache & intelligent sync
    • Data orchestration and mashups
    • Contextual data delivery
    • Social integrations
    • Business logic services
    • Push, SMS, email services
  • Operations includes everything needed to ensure the app is secure, reliable, scalable, compliant and supportable.
    • Infrastructure
    • Scaling
    • DevOPs
    • Kept up to date with new releases and technology
    • End-to-end security
    • Monitoring and troubleshooting
    • End user support
    • Compliance dashboards

These are all of the ingredients needed to deliver a modern, secure, and supportable app experience.  When building digital health apps that require HIPAA compliance, you also need to ensure the criteria outlined below is met and ensure that your HIPAA Compliant Backend as a Service provider signs a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) attesting to the BaaS platform compliance.   

HIPAA Compliance Requirements

As highlighted in the diagram below, Kinvey’s Backend as a Service provides all of the capabilities shown in orange as well as providing a HIPAA compliant edition – launched in April 2016 on Google Cloud Platform.  

Our Backend as a Service provides developers with the freedom to use the IDE and tools of their choice while leveraging a fully integrated platform delivered as a managed service. Kinvey enables a new agile application delivery model, one that allows our customers to build successful and engaging apps and entire digital businesses fast.

Backend as a Service features

With Kinvey Backend as a Service you can: 

Accelerate client app development 

  • SDKs provide pre-built accelerators for common app requirements such as offline caching, encryption and sync
  • Developers are abstracted from having to know enterprise system protocols, access methods and APIs
  • Client app code is abstracted from backend system changes enabling new features to be released without app churn 

Eliminate protracted development timelines and negate the need for additional resources 

  • Login and get started today
  • Easily enable secure data flows
  • Leverage comprehensive and fully integrated app middleware services – no assembly required

Experience fast, easy and secure enterprise system integrations 

  • Less code to write when using our no-code and low-code integrations
  • Enterprise-grade, end-to-end security an compliance
  • Cloud caching for speedy data delivery, masking legacy system (Web Era) performance issues

Backend as a Service

Your business results when you use Kinvey Backend as a Service:

  • Bring ideas to market quickly – apps delivered on time and within budget
  • Gain high levels of user adoption & satisfaction because of expedient delivery of useful features, especially user requested ones
  • Fast developer ramp with the resources and tools they love 
  • Visible wins via exceptional user experiences 

With Kinvey Backend as a Service, you can focus on what matters most in the new Digital Era –  innovation.  Leave the rest to Kinvey. And you don’t have to take our word for it; Kinvey is the #1 current offering in the recent Forrester Wave: Mobile Development Platforms, 4Q 2016.

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