We all want to build awesome mobile apps. Backend as a Service will get you there faster.  If you go to the app stores and markets, you’ll find that most awesome apps are:

  • Dynamic because they always have new data to show,
  • Personal because they provide the user with information that she is interested in, and often based on where she’s located,
  • Social because they connect the user with all his social networks, and
  • Sticky because they notify the user to come back for more.

But to do all this, you need to build and maintain a backend for your app to upload and download data, sync with social networks, get location information and understand your user’s interests.

Here’s the problem – Building a backend sucks. First you have to research and select a technology stack, write the code, connect to 1 or more 3rd party cloud APIs, test your code, deploy the stack, make it secure, and constantly version and maintain everything when you add new features or 3rd party APIs change. You have better things to do than building and maintaining a stack.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you could just use a slick web interface to define all your backend needs – hit save – and BOOM – someone auto-generated all your APIs for you and maintains and versions your backend for you automatically?

Welcome to the new world of Backend as a Service (BaaS)

[ The “what do we call this space” doodle, where I first wrote Backend as a Service down ]


Kinvey is the first Backend as a Service that makes it ridiculously easy for developers to setup, use, and maintain a cloud backend for their mobile apps.

We’re going to make many more announcements in the coming months. In the meantime, Sign up for our Beta if you’d like to start using Kinvey.

2017 update:  Sign up for our new V5 (yes that’s right) console and get the latest and greatest in Backend as a Service, including HIPAA compliant app services