In 2011, we coined the term “Backend as a Service” to describe a new platform that would help developers build next-generation digital experiences that were rich, contextual, fast, secure, and highly engaging. Today, 6 years later, the entire Kinvey team and I are extremely excited to share the news with you that Kinvey has been acquired by Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) to accelerate our ability to provide our customers with a richer set of product tools and features, while putting us in a strong position to be a strategic long-term partner for your digital business transformation (read the press release here). 

Kinvey’s acquisition is a key part of the Progress strategy to provide the best platform to build and deliver modern cognitive applications. Kinvey’s BaaS will be the glue that brings Progress’ best-of-breed front-end development tools, data connectivity, and machine learning products together. Our aim is to make it easy for you to quickly and securely connect to your data, launch incredibly successful apps, and deliver cognitive and contextual user experiences for your business.

Kinvey + Progress delivers on new capabilities you’ve asked us for

  • Best-of-breed front-end tooling integrated with Kinvey:  Progress’ Kendo UI (for building responsive web apps) and NativeScript (for building native mobile iOS and Android apps using JavaScript) offer developers a complete JavaScript platform to build rich app experiences across web and cross-platform mobile. See a video of the 2 products working together.
  • Data Connectivity to more on-premises and cloud data sources:  Progress DataDirect is the leading data connectivity toolset that can enable you to connect your Kinvey backend to any data source, cloud or on-premise, quickly and securely.  See a video of the 2 products working together.
  • Launch intelligent apps without an army of data scientists:  Progress DataRPM automates machine learning, offering predictive analytics that can be embedded in applications and enabling any organization to build cognitive applications. Learn more about DataRPM.
  • Long-term partner that has your back while you deliver mission-critical app experiences:  Progress has been a partner to application development teams for 30+ years.  We plan for Kinvey to build on that track record and continue to be your partner under the Progress umbrella for many years to come.

Bring the best products together, give you choice, and grow

The Kinvey + Progress strategy is to bring together best-in-class products to provide our customers with the leading options for every part of their digital stack. For example, Progress was recently named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms and Kinvey was the leader and top-ranked in current offering in “The Forrester Wave” for Mobile Development Platforms, Q4 2016. Forrester-Mobile-Platform-WaveBy pairing Kinvey’s best-of-breed backend platform with Progress’ front-end technologies, including NativeScript, Kendo UI and Telerik, plus predictive analytics, rules engine, and data connectivity technologies, Progress now provides the best open, end-to-end solution set to build and deliver mission critical applications. Kinvey’s strength in compliance, security, performance, reliability, and scalability make it consistent with Progress’ continued focus on mission-critical business applications.

In addition to our commitment to openness, we will also continue to ensure that our customers don’t get locked-in to a cloud provider. So, Kinvey will be available on multiple clouds, giving you the ability to use the best cloud to meet your geo, business, and compliance needs.

Progress has an incredible industry and developer footprint, with over 1,700 independent software vendor partners, 80,000 enterprise customers, and 2 million developers. As Kinvey becomes a part of this family, we will continue our focus on excellence, compliance, and delivering products that have fantastic developer and operational experiences.

The future of apps and Backend as a Service

progress-appsApplication UX is transforming. Today, we are all programmed to go to an app – we type a URL, we double-click on an icon on the desktop, we touch an app on our phones, etc. In the next 10 years, apps are going to come to us. Apps will know how to reach us everywhere, engage us at the right time, access a rich set of data and figure out what it needs to send us, and connect with us in a real-time and highly secure manner.

To launch this new class of applications, app developers will need new front-end, backend, machine-learning, analytics, data integration, and user experience skills. The combination of Kinvey and Progress will go a long way in helping you “make progress”, faster.

It’s an exciting future, and on behalf of the Kinvey team, I thank you for continuing to put your trust in our platform to help power your digital strategies. With Progress, we are committed to doing more to help you achieve your “what’s next”.



Founder, Kinvey

Since this post, we’ve launched Progress Health Cloud.  Check it out.