HIPAA Compliant app cloud

Backend as a Service recent updates

Our dev team has hit the ground running in 2017! They have added several new updates to our Backend as a Service to accelerate your app delivery including:

  • Flex Services and the Flex Services Runtime are now available for both data integrations and business logic functions
  • New and improved Kinvey Console is ready for opt-in
  • V3 client SDKs are now GA

Flex Services are Now Available
Flex Services are low code, lightweight serverless microservices that are used for data integrations and functional business logic for mobile application development on our Backend as a Service. Flex Services utilize the open-source Flex SDK, and consist of Flex Data for data integrations to any data source, and Flex Functions for trigger-based data pre/post hooks or custom endpoints.

Kinvey’s Backend as a Service provides a robust set of tools for easily creating, deploying, and managing your Flex Services including:

  • Open source Flex SDK for quick creation of Flex Services without the need for typical scaffolding code to create and manage microservices.
  • Reference Catalog providing fully-functional Flex Services for popular systems including MySql, DB2, Microsoft Dynamics, REDOX and more.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) for deploying and managing Flex Services on the Flex Runtime, enabling easy integration into CI/CD tool chains for agile development processes.
  • Plug and play execution for any NPM library giving developers a simple way to tap into the NPM ecosystem and add new capabilities quickly.

With Flex Services, you can securely leverage any enterprise data source and create engaging user experiences without requiring any additional infrastructure to build, scale or maintain. Check out the DevCenter for more information.

New and Improved Kinvey Console is Ready for Opt-in
Over the past several months, your Kinvey team has been hard at work on improving the Kinvey Backend as a Service console. We are excited to invite you to “opt-in” and check it out. For Business Edition customers, you can access the new console here https://us1.kinvey.com/login using your current console credentials. For Enterprise Edition customers, please contact your Customer Success Manager for your unique URL. There are some significant new, cool features in the console including further abstraction of frontend app development activity from backend integration to accelerate mobile development.

Here are some new highlights:

  • Console is now designed to separate the activities of app development from backend integration and configuration. Backend integration is accomplished via a Service Catalog.
  • Adding new services to the Service Catalog is much cleaner and easier and allows for separation of responsibilities between app development and backend integration.
  • The Rapid feature which enables no code, configuration-only integration to backend systems is made much easier with a new wizard-like flow.
  • The mobile application development side has significant improvements as well. The Dashboard (landing page) for the App has the critical information about your application available at a glance.
  • An improved left navigation for application development that is much better organized so it is easier to find everything that you need
  • And finally, on the top right of the console page, you will find an easy way to logout in addition to your Profile and Organization information

Please provide us your thoughts on the new mobile development platform console via the Kinvey Support Forum.

ResearchKit SDK Beta Now Available
Kinvey has released the Beta version of our KinveyResearchKit SDK to help developers accelerate the delivery of connected health research apps via our HIPAA compliant cloud. ResearchKit is Apple’s iOS framework for medical research apps. From Apple’s ResearchKit page:

ResearchKit is an open source framework introduced by Apple that allows researchers and developers to create powerful connected health apps for healthcare research. Easily create visual consent flows, real-time dynamic active tasks, and surveys using a variety of customizable modules that you can build upon and share with the community.

ResearchKit provides developers with a broad range of UI and model classes that make it easy to build workflows specific to connected health research apps. ResearchKit leaves the responsibility of persistence and synchronization of data, user authentication and other key mobile application development components to the developer. This is where Kinvey comes in.

Kinvey provides a HIPAA compliant cloud providing Backend as a Service for connected health apps, as well as SDKs that interface with the platform and add client side capabilities such as caching, user management, data synchronization, etc. We integrated our iOS SDK with ResearchKit, so that developers have a toolkit to quickly spin up connected health research apps that are backed by a compliant mobile development platform. The outcome of our integration is KinveyResearchKit, an SDK wrapper to ResearchKit that augments ResearchKit classes with Kinvey functionality. Check out the DevCenter for more information.

V3 SDKs now GA
We are happy to announce that the iOS, Angular.js, HTML5, PhoneGap and Xamarin SDKs are now at v3 and officially GA on our mobile development platform. A public Beta is available for the v3 Android and .NET SDKs. Version 3 is a massive upgrade to our SDKs. It includes a full rewrite of the codebase, along with several key architectural and functional improvements to improve caching and offline support, increase performance of data synchronizations and increase simplicity and consistency across the SDKs – allowing a developer to easily move between mobile device development environments without retraining. We encourage developers to go to our Dev Center to go through the details and try out the new SDKs.

Forrester Named Kinvey a Leader and Top-Ranked Platform
You might not have heard: Kinvey is a leader and the top ranked current offering in The Forrester Wave: Mobile Development Platform, 4Q 2016. Thank you to all of those who served as references for us during the Wave process. We were so thrilled with the feedback you gave Mike Facemire of Forrester about Kinvey: “Customers we spoke with speak highly of Kinvey and consider them a partner, not a vendor” and “Kinvey is succeeding due to its focus on providing an outstanding developer experience.” We strive to live up to this in 2017!

Our dev team has a lot more in the works this year, so stayed tuned…