As part of our efforts to continuously improve our product, we’ve been developing new features to make the lives of Kinvey developers and administrators easier. Recently, we heard from some customers that they needed a simple way to migrate changes back and forth between different Kinvey environments within an application, and to create new clones of existing environments. Read on to learn about one of our mbaas features.

These features are important during testing, debugging, and any time app updates need to be done — they ensure that the changes won’t break any part of the app in production. Isolating specific code and figuring out potential problem areas is critical, and app administratiors don’t always have the technical skill to use a command line interface.

That’s why we built Migration and Cloning into the console, and made it as easy as a press of a button. See how it works:


Migration is meant for pushing changes between environments, while Cloning is for creating entirely new environments. Both are part of the Lifecycle Management features that Kinvey’s mobile backend as a service provides for app development.

We’re very excited about these and other improvements coming down the line, making Kinvey’s baas the go-to product of choice for enterprises that want an easy-to-use, secure, and scalable application platform.