What is mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS)?

Backend as a Service, or BaaS (sometimes referred to as mBaaS) is best described by a tech analyst who refers to it as “turn-on infrastructure” for mobile and web apps. Basically, it’s a cloud computing category that’s comprised of companies that make it easier for developers to setup, use and operate a cloud backend for their mobile, tablet and web apps.

BaaS providers tend to fall into one of two categories: consumer BaaS or enterprise BaaS. The former focuses largely on “lighter-weight” brand apps (and games), whereas the latter centers on mobilizing sensitive, business-critical data from enterprise systems. As a whole, BaaS providers are disrupting the on-premise “Mobile Enterprise Application Platform,” or MEAP, category, while providing a lot more turn-key functionality for your mobile strategy than traditional API management and Platform as a Service vendors.

Read the BaaS Whitepaper

Industry expert Kin Lane published this category defining whitepaper titled Overview of the Backend as a Service (BaaS) Space.