ConsolePremiumAnalyticsRecently, we launched the new Kinvey Timeline in an effort to be more transparent about important updates to our console as well as to enhance the developer experience. Think of it as a set of continually evolving release notes for our platform, nicely color-coded in chronological order.

One significant timeline release is the Premium Analytics add-on. This feature enables you to see more fine-grained analytics for your app, down to the behaviors and actions of individual users.

With Premium Analytics, you can:

  • tie user identity with app usage by tracking usage of your app on a per user, per API call basis to get a comprehensive audit for enterprise compliance and governance purposes
  • find, segment, and engage power users and influencers to tighten your feedback loop and drive innovation
  • unite your mobile and social engagement by mapping your mobile user to their social credentials

Want to add Premium Analytics to your backend? Let us know here. Be sure to check out our new timeline for other important updates and releases to the platform.