We are thrilled to introduce the Kinvey Enterprise Edition platform.  Just as Kinvey allows individual and agency developers to rapidly prototype, publish and manage consumer apps, we are now bringing that same power to enterprise developers that are responsible for equipping an increasingly mobile workforce with powerful business apps.  The new Kinvey platform allows enterprise developers to build and maintain secure mobile apps that can “mobilize” data from virtually any data source.  Right out of the gate, Kinvey’s Enterprise Edition platform is being used by global enterprises for mobile apps that authenticate via LDAP and Active Directory, and connect to their Salesforce CRM™ and Oracle® databases.

You can find out everything you need to know about the Enterprise Edition platform in our press release.

Those who follow the Backend as a Service (BaaS) space know what this announcement means: disruption.  Specifically, it’s a disruption of the incumbent Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) industry.  When it comes to mobile app development, developers have always expected flexible processes and customizable solutions.  Words like “self-service” and “agile” pepper their language.  Today, thanks to the “developerization” of IT, enterprise developers have come to share these values.


MEAPs have traditionally pulled up short in these areas — areas in which BaaS, like the other cloud-based disruptions that have come before it, have excelled.  We provide self-service customization of an app’s back- and front-end, whereas configuring and deploying a MEAP requires hiring experts and is typically a long, involved and expensive process. Sales teams can’t wait six months for their mobile app.  They lose ground to competitors every day they lack always-on, real-time access to customer data.  As a result, their internal development teams need to be agile, yet in a manner consistent with the organization’s security and authentication protocols.  And it’s a solution to this set of challenges — security for the CIO, flexibility for the developer, and the agility demanded by the internal “client” — that we announced today.

So, here’s the punch line: With Kinvey, enterprise developers don’t have to chose between agility and security, not anymore.  We’ve given them the best of both worlds.  And in a short period of time, we’ve got enterprises like Johnson & Johnson, Game Show Network, Bayer, Vibram and Aetna, using Kinvey as the backend for their mobile apps.

Of course, it would be unfair to place the sorry state of enterprise mobile strategy fully on the shoulders of the MEAPs. Challenges like data gravity and data portability are large and complex.  Despite their best effort, MEAPs simply haven’t provided a solution that’s viable for the future.

This blog post, like most strategic development plans, is filled with “-ity” words: flexibility, security, agility.  But a truly effective plan needs more than the right buzzwords.  It needs an approach that works today, and anticipates tomorrow.  To that end, at 12:00 ET on April 16, Kinvey is hosting a free webinar with special guest Michael Facemire of Forrester Research.  In it, he will outline strategies for “future-proofing” your mobile strategy. We hope you can join us. Register here: www.kinvey.com/future-proof-your-mobile-strategy-forrester.

In the meantime, if you want to talk to us about how the Kinvey Enterprise Edition Backend as a Service platform can accelerate your mobile strategy, let’s talk. Contact Sales