Mobile apps will play a defining role in Election 2012.  With campaigns gearing up, politicians who embrace the power of mobile media will have a huge advantage over the competition.  Many apps have been dedicated to the candidates like the Ron Paul app, while a few campaigns have begun to release official apps, such as Obama 2012 and Herman Cain.

In our research on political apps, we’ve realized that most apps quite simply suck.  In 2008, politicians discovered the power of social media. Unfortunately, today’s campaigns are struggling to use mobile apps to transform campaigns and empower a huge following.

Kinvey Political Mobile App Series Backend as a Service

To do our bit to help build a thriving mobile app ecosystem that will help drive change and involvement in the electoral process, Kinvey is launching the first comprehensive research series on political mobile apps, titled “Election 2012 – War of the Political Mobile Apps”.  We’ve analyzed hundreds of apps from the App Store and the Android Market and scored them on their effectiveness.  Our goal is to highlight the 6 things that political mobile apps must do to be useful, interesting and viral. 

The 6 areas we will cover in this series are :


  1. You’ve got mail – Getting and using contact information effectively
  2. This week in the polls – How apps enhance the power of polls and surveys
  3. The Newt Post – How to create REAL BUZZ with your political app
  4. Vote or Die – Transforming app users into voters
  5. The Stickiness Factor – Push notifications and what makes an app “stick”
  6. Make money, money, money – The importance of a donation button

If you’ve got your favorite political mobile app, let us know by adding a comment below. We’d love to check it out for you and include it in our report.