This past week, we had our 2Q Kinvey internal hackathon (#kinveyhack). The week was filled with hacking, innovation and teamwork. Our engineers presented the results and boy were there some amazing presentations! We had teams working on Alexa Skills, cognitive computing, machine learning and many more amazing things. So amazing that Sravish, our CEO, tweeted the entire afternoon. Here’s a roundup of some of the great things presented.


Our engineer Andy started by sharing his no-code Alexa Skills builder. Digital Assistants are a huge area of investment for so many of the Fortune 2000 right now, I’m excited to see how Kinvey can enable those business initiatives faster with a no-code solution.


Successful digital experiences are increasingly becoming cognitive-focused and Victor was able to show us how to improve the development process for apps utilizing machine learning. His process for pushing core machine learning module updates in realtime is a example of agile innovation in action.  

Not only are these hackathons fun and energizing, we also get to break new ground.  Being on the bleeding edge, our engineers need to have creative problem solving skills as you’ll see by Sravish’s tweet below. 


Tejas and Vinay took on the laws of physics to tackle the big delay in delivering data to mobile devices.  A game changer!


Our customers always come first here at Kinvey and this team took a new look at how we could enable our customers to visualize their app requests as they travel through Kinvey to the client device.   The demo showed a nice end-to-end view with red or green outcomes for each operation.  Extra points for great animation.

Andras’ presentation was literally off the charts! He improved remote logging by so much that he needed 6 slides to fit his results!


At Kinvey, we don’t just hack for hack sake.  Our hackathons are fun, but they also play a role in prototyping new capabilities that can help our customers deliver exceptional app experiences.  

While every project was a winner in my mind, one had to be chosen.  Sravish was the ultimate judge and he used the following criteria;

  • Completeness of the deliverable (based on the idea)
  • Value to our Customers
  • Quality of the presentation  

And the winners of our 2Q17 Kinvey Hackathon were Tejas Ranade (@tejasrand) and Vinay Gahlawat for bending the laws of physics and syncing millions of records in seconds – a game changer for our customers.  

We are hiring, so if you want to join a dynamic team, check out our open positions.  Here are a few links for you to learn more about Kinvey Backend as a Service (BaaS) as well as our HIPAA compliant app version of the platform for healthcare and pharma customers.

I wonder what the team will dream up for our 3Q hackathon?  If you have any suggestions you’d like to see prototyped on Kinvey, send your ideas to