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Digital health use cases on our HIPAA compliant cloud

Deliver better patient outcomes via PRO

Approximately 1.6 million Americans currently have IBD according to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. IBD is not curable, but it can be treated.

IOMEDIA created an app for IBD patients that includes:

  • Bi-weekly surveys to help track progress between the patient and doctor
  • A health tracker to track daily well being and treatment
  • A restroom finder to help locate bathrooms anytime, anywhere
  • A calendar that keeps track of appointments and local IBD community events
  • Tokens users earn through regular use of the app, with comparisons on progress versus others

This HIPAA compliant app is backed by Kinvey and was delivered in 4 months. Marc Porter, Managing Director at IOMEDIA, recently joined us for a webinar to discuss how IOMEDIA built this app and the positive results it has achieved.

Fitness & Health: Improving health through self-quantification

Wearable health tracking devices have seen a surge in popularity. But all the data these devices generate are useless without context – in short, wearable wellness devices need a backend. Sunsprite, a light tracking device and app, runs on Kinvey.

Benefits of Kinvey for Sunsprite include:

  • Faster time to market and reduced cost
  • Development time spent on the team’s core competency (wearable hardware and application UI) instead of other pieces (the backend)
  • Better performance
  • A managed infrastructure that seamlessly handles scaling and security

Sunsprite saved time and money understanding that consuming backend services beats building backends.



Chronic Condition Care: Next-gen apps empower patients to be involved with their treatment

Though there are no treatments to cure Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), behavior and communication approaches have proven to be effective in mitigating the disorder. SpecialNeedsWare has realized mobile’s unique opportunity to transform ASD therapy.

SpecialNeedsWare’s suite of apps, powered by Kinvey, offer:

  • Customized lesson plans and learner-specific content
  • Consistent experience across devices so the learner can access the same content from anywhere
  • Collaboration between the learner, his or her family, and treatment providers
  • Real results: learners gain self-sufficiency and independence

SpecialNeedsWare was able to focus on patient experiences instead of backend infrastructure.