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Identity theft and the loss or exposure of data and intellectual property is a growing cyber security concern. Symantec put the costs of cyber fraud in 2015 at $158 billion dollars.

Most people have multiple passwords, credit card numbers, PINs, usernames, bank account details, photos, documents and other information that they need to protect. It is getting increasingly more difficult to manage access while guarding both identity and data. Authentication–verifying that the user is who he/she claims to be – is key to all cyber security.

Today, there are three main methods of authentication: 1) something the user knows (such as a password/PIN), 2) something the user has (a security token or smart card), 3) something the user is (a physical characteristic, such as a fingerprint, called a biometric).

In order to increase the level of cyber security, more than one method of authentication is needed. Mostly commonly, 2-factor authentication is requested. However, with each additional method, the cost for the provider goes up. Passwords/Pins are least expensive and smart tokens or biometrics are more expensive.

Smartphones with cameras, fingerprint recognition and data encryption are enabling digital innovation in cyber security, making it cost effective to employ multi-factor authentication.

Cyber Security

Facial biometric identifier

Kinvey is honored to present this month’s Digital Innovators Spotlight award to FaceCrypt Cyber. Their FaceCrypt Pro Password Manager with Secure Data Vault is one of the new solutions gaining a lot of attention in the cyber security world. It uses a unique iProov facial biometric identifier to give you fast and secure access to your most sensitive data. iProov logo facial biometric identifier

The FaceCrypt app is a new defense tool against anyone trying to steal your data. It allows you to encrypt and store sensitive passwords, account information, documents and photos on your device so even if your device is stolen or accessed by cyber thieves or hackers they will still not be able to access your critical data. So if your device is lost or stolen, your data is not.

Secure data vault

Password Vault

The app allows you to securely access your bank and online commerce sites all through its built in browser.   You can quickly and easily view your usernames and passwords while logging in to the websites through the app.

The FaceCrypt app also allows you to create complex passwords to further mitigate the risk of hackers accessing your accounts.

“The problem with most password manager apps is that, you guessed it, they require a password to use,” said FaceCrypt Cyber CEO, Jeremy Rose. “Studies have shown that almost 70 percent of people have forgotten at least one password in the past month and many people use the same password all the time. All you do is open the app, point your phone camera at your face and almost immediately you have secure access to your passwords and your favorite websites using our auto fill feature.”

data vault

Data Vault

The application provides data vault services where user data (passwords, photos, videos, documents, notes, etc) can be stored in a secure, encrypted manner and accessed through the easy to use iProov biometric identifier.

You can also directly load in email attachments from your iOS mail box.

The FaceCrypt App features include:

  • Lockdown: iProov Face Recognition system and multi-level access to your vault
  • Protected: All your information is encrypted, secret and safe
  • Feature rich: Customizable vault boxes and data fields
  • Choice: You choose how and what you see in the vault boxes
  • Secure: Created by the world’s best security team with years of developing security systems for secure locations

The FaceCrypt team has years of experience building world-class biometric security applications used across the globe.

The FaceCrypt cyber security app is available for free download from the iOS App Store.

We are honored to have FaceCrypt on Kinvey mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS)