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Customer Support

Mobilizing customer support to be there when they need you

Streamlining IT operations is an imperative no matter what industry – but you can’t do it at the cost of the customer experience. Expectations have been set by consumer apps and anything less than 5-stars falls short, even for IT customer support apps.

Mobilizing IT customer support app makes tons of sense.

With Kinvey, VMware was able to:

  • Engage customers where and how they want
  • Provide the information and tools customers need to do their job in today’s 24x7 world
  • Build community and loyalty with online forums.
  • Rapidly respond to support issues anywhere, anytime

VMware relies on Kinvey to run, scale, and manage the mobile platform for their “My VMware” app.


Personal Productivity

No more "task management"

Fetchnotes is a simple way to keep track of notes, reminders, and to do’s so you can stay in sync with the people that matter to you.

Fetchnotes features:

  • #ideas: sharing group notes together with hashtags
  • iPhone, Android, or web apps, and the ability to add notes via text, email, or a Chrome Extension.
  • Easy sharing of notes between users
  • Filters to quickly view notes related to different items
  • Receive a notification whenever someone shares or edits a note.


Digital Shopping List

Cinnamon grocery shopping list

Cinnamon is an easy to use and efficient grocery shopping list app. Cinnamon is guaranteed to improve your grocery shopping and grocery list building experience.

Here are some nice features that make it possible:

  • Sync and share your shopping list with others
  • Keep track of what you already have and never buy the same item twice.
  • Add items to your grocery list via barcode scanning or voice recognition.
  • Keep track of the total cost of the items in your list
  • Android Wear smartwatch support

This app has a 4.5-star user rating.


Digital Marketplace

Federal contracting market intelligence - built for this decade.

Navigating the complex world of federal RFPs and contracts can be difficult. GovTribe simplifies and personalizes it down to just a few taps on your phone.

With GovTribe, users can:

  • Find new projects to pursue
  • Create and track pipeline
  • Collaborate with teams and partners
  • Create a pursuit from a desktop and update it live from a bidder's conference using a phone



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