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Powering digital transformation
in energy and utilities

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Schneider Electric


IoT and Field Service

Powering digital transformation

Sophisticated apps with in-context information are driving new levels of productivity and rapid ROI for Schneider Electric’s energy & utility businesses with 24×7 operations.

The use cases are too numerous to list. Here are just a few:

  • Remote asset monitoring, tracking, and management
  • Environment, health, and safety monitoring
  • Timely information capture (pictures, voice annotations, etc.)
  • Field service enablement mobilization

Schneider Electric has built a mobile innovation platform to accelerate their digital transformation and product differentiation.


The Internet of Air

Using Internet of Things design, 75F harnesses the computing power of the cloud and mobile and packs it into smart HVAC devices that make people more comfortable and energy use more efficient.

  • Self-optimizing system saves energy and increases comfort
  • IoT thermostat sensors & controllers to manage the HVAC experience
  • Android-based app controls the on-site system
  • Kinvey auto-scales to manage millions of API calls a day

By leveraging Kinvey, 75F is turning dumb devices into smart control systems.


"By using Kinvey’s serverless cloud platform, we didn’t have to worry about having in-house expertise in a wide range of areas like database management, custom Web service APIs, user management, offline/online sync, and messaging,"

Deepinder Singh
CEO of 75Fahrenheit
Field Service

Driving field workforce productivity

Desktop applications don’t cut it for the sales or service rep on the go. Mobile is now central to the equation – it’s not optional.

  • Frontend and backend office productivity gains via contextualizing the field employee’s experience
  • Operational efficiency, better customer service, and reduced risk via greater visibility
  • Deliver relevant information on the fly, enabling responsive scheduling, on-site instructions, and real-time work order management
  • Kinvey RAPID Connectors securely mobilize enterprise data in systems like Oracle, SAP and Salesforce, and other custom apps to drive even higher levels of productivity.

If you have a field workforce, don’t be left behind – contact us to mobilize them today.


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