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Field Service

Time really is money for field service teams

Bell & Howell’s field service technicians needed access to over 100,000 SKUs residing on an SAP system. Accessing the data was taking 10 to 14 seconds – not acceptable for a remote workforce that often has spotty connectivity.

Bell and Howell turned to Kinvey to securely mobilize their data:

  • No code RAPID connectors translate traditional SAP RFC to REST
  • Cloud caching accelerates data delivery from 10 seconds to 400ms
  • The app works offline and intelligently syncs large amount of data when the field service rep is back online

Kinvey made mobilizing SAP simple and performant.

Bell and Howell


“If you’ve worked with SAP systems as long as I have, you know that it’s no simple thing to extend an ERP system with mobility. With Kinvey, we’ve been able to extend our SAP landscape for new use cases, and the performance has been unbelievable. I went from 14-second SAP data access down to 400-millisecond mobile-friendly data access.”

Anubhav Gupta
Director SAP Applications, Bell & Howell
B2B Sales

“Flash selling” in a traditional aluminum business

In the commodity aluminum industry, turning around customer quotes can take hours. JW Aluminum wanted to mobilize the process and take it from hours to seconds. They lacked the expertise to unlock their data from their Oracle system, so they turned to Kinvey and the app was delivered in 4 months.

Features include:

  • Real time quoting, ordering and shipping status for customers
  • Sub-second data access from multiple Oracle systems
  • Routine, time consuming process steps are now automated

With price quotes, going from hours to seconds means more sales.



"This level of robust functionality in a mobile application is the type of technology that customers expect and demand, and frankly it’s the type of technology that’s available in virtually every other industry. Why should we in the aluminium flat rolled industry settle for anything less? We’re committed to putting customers first, which is why we led the charge to significantly reduce product lead time to the market."

Chester Roush
Chief Commercial Officer at JW Aluminum
Catalogs & Manuals

Frictionless access to information with competitive cross-selling

Rexnord is a manufacturing company – not an IT infrastructure company. They needed an app, but wanted to focus on features and user experience instead of infrastructure and operations, so they turned to Kinvey.

Rexnord’s app puts a host of new selling tools at their channels’ fingertips:

  • Complete product catalog with technical drawings, service instructions, and installation videos
  • Seamless integration with an email service that allows partners to instantly answer critical customer questions
  • Interchange guide that matches competitive brands to the appropriate Rexnord solution
  • Browse videos that address common product questions

Rexnord’s complete product catalog is now interactive and mobile.



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