Business Logic

Backend as a service BaaS aims to help you build rich cross-platform applications. Traditionally, when starting a new app from scratch, developers segment a frontend and backend component and devote a sizable unique effort in each. Kinvey, pushing the boundaries on cloud computing, has recognized that there are many common components and features that make up a backend. We worked tirelessly to define those requirements at a generic level and offer them as a service, taking care of not only the development, but also the operation of your backend.

In addition, developers need complete flexibility to write custom server code that runs with their backend. I am very happy to announce that after a short beta period, we are openly giving developers the ability to code and run their own Business Logic. With Business Logic, you can run JavaScript code inside your Kinvey backend, giving you PaaS-like capabilities without having to code an entire backend. This capability allows the developer to quickly implement the server-side business logic, while accessing a number of readily available APIs and leaving the grunt work to Kinvey.


For more detailed examples, please look at the Business Logic guide in the Dev Center.

Here are example use cases you can enable for your app with Business Logic:

  • Automatically trigger push or email notifications based on changes in the data
  • Access third party APIs from your Kinvey backend
  • Prevent cheating in gaming by validating user actions on the server
  • Host platform agnostic code so you don’t need to implement it multiple times in the app itself
  • Validate input on web applications to ensure data consistency
  • Quickly iterate on your app’s functionality, as you deploy your code instantly, without waiting for app store approval

We hope to have gotten your creative juices flowing. To get started, take a look at our tutorial and guide, sign up for Kinvey and let’s create some beautiful apps together via our mobile backend as a service