What should your digital strategy be in 2017? Hint, it starts with your mobile strategy.  As Forrester said in their recent Predictions 2017 for their Mobile eBusiness Playbook: “Mobile is the face of digital, the core of customer experience for leading firms across a breadth of industries.”

We firmly believe this at Kinvey. Over this past year, we were honored with many new clients that created engaging customer experiences across their mobile, web and even in their offline (brick and mortar) channels on our Backend as a Service (BaaS). No matter whether you are creating B2B, B2E or B2B experiences, app users are looking for a simpler, easier, intuitive and seamless experience engaging with your brand.  

To help you map out your plans for transforming your customer experience, Kinvey has teamed up with several of our partners to bring you this series of educational webinars on topics ranging from high level strategy to how to prioritize features in single app project. And, for our healthcare community, we have included an informative webinar on how to mobilize your EHR information quickly and securely to deliver an engaging patient-centric experience.    

Please join us for the Kinvey Winter Webinar Series on Digital Strategy:

  • Jumpstart your 2017 Mobile Strategy
  • How to Prioritize your Mobile App Projects
  • Mobilize your EHR Information Quickly and Securely

Jumpstart your 2017 Mobile Strategy 

Do you need help defining your overall mobile and omnichannel strategy? Our partner Propelics has helped 100’s of organizations develop a customer-centric, enterprise mobile strategy and world-class mobile apps – in record time. The word “strategy” doesn’t have to mean a protracted process with a six-figure price.  

Digital strategy kickstart approach

Propelics Digital Strategy Kickstart Approach

Via a structured and proven Digital Strategy Kickstart program, in just a few weeks, Propelics can provide your company with a Mobile Strategy guaranteed for success along with a working, on-device prototype that will build excitement and bring your new strategy to life for users, investors and key stakeholders. Register here.

How to Prioritize Your Mobile App Projects 

The accelerating demand for mobile is leaving IT organizations massively overloaded and underfunded, yet, 37% of mobile app development spend goes to unused app features, amounting to $30 billion in wasted IT spend.

Our partner Venado Technologies has developed VECTOR3, the enterprise mobile app decision support solution that provides enterprises with a strategic framework for deciding what applications to deliver, which features and in what order, will deliver the highest business value. Join us for this invaluable webinar to gain insights and a sane and profitable pathway forward for your company. Register here.

Mobilize your EHR Information Quickly & Securely as a Foundation for your Digital Strategy  

With the adoption of electronic records, healthcare has been digitized. However, the data is too difficult to access. It’s a common fact, mobilizing data from EHR systems is painful. Most EHR systems were built before smartphones were invented and they speak a different language. Yet, mobilizing EHR information is key to creating patient-centric care.  

Digital strategy starts with mobile strategy

Access these EHR systems quickly and securely

Join Niko Skievaski, co-founder and president of Redox (the healthcare API company), to learn how to strip away all archaic complexity and provide a familiar, modern API that interfaces to the EHR systems, including the ones listed here.

Kinvey HIPAA Compliant app cloud and Redox Healthcare API enable your developers to code once and connect to all your EHR systems and transform this information into secure and engaging patient and provider app experiences – quickly. Register here.

If you can’t attend, register anyway, we will send out the replays after each webinar.   

Learn about Progress Health Cloud and how to build a HIPAA Complaint Application