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Kinvey Launches Xamarin 3.0 SDK Early Adopter Program

Wednesday Apr 27, 2016

Xamarin 3.0 SDKOur Xamarin 3.0 SDK Early Adopter Program is now open for registration. This new version of the SDK features enhanced offline operation and new flexible and granular data sync policies to support field service and other app use cases that lack good network connectivity for extended periods of time.

High Expectations, Impossible Deadlines: Building a Mobile Prototype…In One Month

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

Venado TechnologiesA customer came to us in the middle of November and told us about an opportunity to show one of their business units how current mobile technologies could be used to solve a business problem quickly and efficiently. “No problem”, we said. “How fast do they need it?”, we asked. “Before the end of the year”, was the response!

Digital Transformation in Energy Management: Congratulations to Deepinder Singh

Monday Apr 18, 2016

Digital Transformation in Energy ManagementOn April 14th, Deepinder Singh, CEO of 75F received the Technology Inventor award at the Titans of Technology ceremony hosted by the The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. We congratulate Deepinder for this achievement. 75F has been customer of Kinvey’s since the beginning and we are proud to back such a Technology Titan driving digital transformation in the energy and utility field.

Announcing the HIPAA Compliant mBaaS on Google Cloud Platform

Monday Apr 4, 2016

Kinvey on Google Cloud PlatformToday we are excited to announce of a HIPAA compliant instance of Kinvey on Google Cloud Platform. With dramatic increase in mobile app usage by patients, physicians, and consumers, intense pressure for healthcare organizations to reduce costs while improving outcomes, and increased HIPAA regulatory oversight and fines, we’re seeing increasing demand for cloud-based mobile solutions. Our HIPAA compliant mBaaS was created to address these needs.

We’re Addressing the Missing Link in App Analytics with Operational Intelligence

Friday Feb 26, 2016

Operational IntelligenceThis week we announced the launch of our Operational Intelligence service for mobile apps, giving IT teams the actionable insights they need to deliver end-user support and report on end-to-end app performance and compliance. We’re extremely excited about this new addition to our platform – it provides a valuable service to our customers, but is also an industry first.

Shadow IT in 2016: It’s not a Problem, It’s a Reality

Wednesday Feb 17, 2016

Shadow ITI often see articles and hear customers talking about “shadow IT.” These conversations usually come in two flavors (sometimes both): bemoaning its existence, and figuring out ways to “cope” with it. I think that’s the wrong approach. There’s clearly something compelling, even necessary, about shadow IT if it’s such a widespread problem. To get to the root of the issue, let’s take a look at the problem from the eyes of a business owner, specifically one who needs to launch a mobile app and do it quickly.

The Right Things to Think About Before Migrating from Parse

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016

Kinvey Makes SharePoint Cloud-First and Mobile-FirstParse’s announcement that it is shutting down was a bitter day for all of us at Kinvey – Parse and Kinvey were the first two viable Backend as a Service platforms in 2011, and for the first two years of our existence, we fought head-to-head against them. Instead of just telling you “Hey, migrate to Kinvey,” we felt it was far more responsible for us to tell you why you should consider Kinvey (or any other service) as an option for your Parse apps.

Kinvey Makes SharePoint Cloud-First and Mobile-First

Friday Jan 22, 2016

Kinvey Makes SharePoint Cloud-First and Mobile-FirstHave you tried to mobilize your enterprise Microsoft systems? It’s not easy. Microsoft wants you to migrate to the cloud with SharePoint Online, spending a bunch of time and money on new Microsoft products (surprise!). Though they have reluctantly backpedaled and now say they will support SharePoint 2016 on-premise, the writing is on the wall.Which is why today we are thrilled to announce the launch of our out-of-the-box RAPID connector for SharePoint.

Offline Mobile App Performance: The Forgotten User Experience Ingredient

Thursday Nov 19, 2015

Offline Mobile App Performance: The Forgotten User Experience IngredientLast week we took an in-depth look at why mobile app performance matters. The key takeaway is that great performance is an essential part of great mobile experiences. Today I’d like to focus on one specific, often neglected piece of the app performance puzzle: offline capability.

Why Mobile App Performance Matters

Thursday Nov 12, 2015

Why Mobile App Performance MattersBuilding mobile apps is hard. Building a successful mobile app, on the other hand, isn’t just hard — it requires a tremendous amount of skill and likely a bit of luck as well. In this post, I’m going to spend some time exploring why this is so, make a case for app performance as a key driver of app success, and talk about a few of the ways you can set yourself up for success by ensuring your app performs as well as possible.