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SQL vs NoSQL: Structure in a Schemaless World

Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

SwiftYour data is important. There’s no question about that. But the real value isn’t apparent until your data is presented and organized. SQL and NoSQL databases take different approaches to this, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at how Kinvey handles structure in a schemaless world. Continue reading

Building the Cost of a Mobile App: What Went in to our App Cost Estimator

Thursday May 29, 2014

BeaconsIn many ways, developing our App Cost Estimator was a lot like building a mobile app. We started with the UX, connected it to the backend, tested, improved, and deployed – and now we’ve rolled out a new version. Read more about the process, and our recent improvements, in this post. Continue reading

The Coming Beacon App Revolution: 4 Phases of Business Enablement via Smartphones and Tablets

Tuesday May 20, 2014

BeaconsIn the past few years, three phases of smartphone sophistication – touch and communication, coarse location, and high-quality cameras – created opportunities that spawned some of today’s most successful software companies. Now, we’re on the verge of a fourth phase: granular location based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. Continue reading

Beacon Applications in the Home and Office (Part 2): Think Operational Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Thursday May 8, 2014

BeaconsIn the second post in this series, we explore some additional use cases for beacon technology, including home automation and business efficiency applications. If employed correctly, beacons can transform consumer and corporate experiences, making them more personal, more effective, and more about the user. Continue reading

Beacon Applications in Retail and at Events (Part 1): Think Personalized Experiences and Increased Revenue

Tuesday May 6, 2014

BeaconsBluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are providing new challenges for mobile app developers and businesses. In two blog posts posts, we’ll be walking through beacon use cases that go beyond the existing, standard retail ones. This is the first post in the series. Continue reading

Presenting the Ember.js Library for Kinvey

Wednesday Mar 5, 2014

ember.jsThe latest addition to the Kinvey JavaScript libraries provides tight integration between Ember.js and Kinvey. If you are building a web application with Ember.js, using Kinvey to store your data now couldn’t be more easy. Continue reading

Kinvey JavaScript library now available for AngularJS web apps

Thursday Jan 9, 2014

AngularJS-mediumThis week we released the Kinvey JavaScript library is available for AngularJS. The library seamlessly integrates with AngularJS, making it very easy to use both Kinvey and AngularJS in your web app projects.

Continue reading

Source Code Version Control for your Mobile App’s Custom Business Logic

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

iPhone Light BulbEnterprise developers and our mobile dev-shop partners have specifically asked us for improved production workflow capabilities to version and manage changes to their Business Logic on Kinvey. To that end, we recently added the ability to easily track changes to your Business Logic with revisions. Learn how you can roll back your Business Logic code to a previous revision in case of a bad deploy, production bugs, testing, and more. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Kinvey’s Integration with Google App Engine

Thursday Jul 25, 2013

GoogleAppEngineThis June, we announced an integration with Google App Engine that makes it easy for mobile developers to consume Google App Engine’s built-in APIs and tap into a nearly unlimited set of enterprise backend systems. As we noted recently on our new Timeline, we have officially launched this integration on our platform. Check out all the resources to get started with Kinvey + GAE. Continue reading

Kinvey’s Console Timeline: Enhancing the Developer Experience and Communication

Thursday Jul 18, 2013

timeline-iconIn an effort to be more transparent with our users, as well as to enhance the developer experience on our console, we are thrilled to announce the release of the Kinvey Timeline. The timeline is a visual way to track releases in the Kinvey platform. From bug fixes, to new sample apps, to significant feature additions, this color-coded timeline ensures you’re well-informed and up-to-date on all changes made to your Kinvey backend. Continue reading