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Presenting the Ember.js Library for Kinvey

Wednesday Mar 5, 2014

ember.jsThe latest addition to the Kinvey JavaScript libraries provides tight integration between Ember.js and Kinvey. If you are building a web application with Ember.js, using Kinvey to store your data now couldn’t be more easy. Continue reading

Kinvey JavaScript library now available for AngularJS web apps

Thursday Jan 9, 2014

AngularJS-mediumThis week we released the Kinvey JavaScript library is available for AngularJS. The library seamlessly integrates with AngularJS, making it very easy to use both Kinvey and AngularJS in your web app projects.

Continue reading

Source Code Version Control for your Mobile App’s Custom Business Logic

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

iPhone Light BulbEnterprise developers and our mobile dev-shop partners have specifically asked us for improved production workflow capabilities to version and manage changes to their Business Logic on Kinvey. To that end, we recently added the ability to easily track changes to your Business Logic with revisions. Learn how you can roll back your Business Logic code to a previous revision in case of a bad deploy, production bugs, testing, and more. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Kinvey’s Integration with Google App Engine

Thursday Jul 25, 2013

GoogleAppEngineThis June, we announced an integration with Google App Engine that makes it easy for mobile developers to consume Google App Engine’s built-in APIs and tap into a nearly unlimited set of enterprise backend systems. As we noted recently on our new Timeline, we have officially launched this integration on our platform. Check out all the resources to get started with Kinvey + GAE. Continue reading

Kinvey’s Console Timeline: Enhancing the Developer Experience and Communication

Thursday Jul 18, 2013

timeline-iconIn an effort to be more transparent with our users, as well as to enhance the developer experience on our console, we are thrilled to announce the release of the Kinvey Timeline. The timeline is a visual way to track releases in the Kinvey platform. From bug fixes, to new sample apps, to significant feature additions, this color-coded timeline ensures you’re well-informed and up-to-date on all changes made to your Kinvey backend. Continue reading

How to Set Up your Kinvey Backend in 2 Minutes

Monday Jun 10, 2013

Video Screenshot

We’d love to see you building something awesome and we’re here every step of the way. That first step is setting up your backend. Here’s a short video to help you get started creating a killer app. Continue reading

The Developer’s Guide to Facebook Open Graph

Monday Apr 22, 2013

fb-partner-headerLast week, Facebook announced their Technology Partners Program, and we are thrilled to be one of the 11 companies selected to be a part of it. To cheer this partnership, we created an eBook titled, “The Developer’s Guide to Facebook Open Graph.” The eBook walks through a trio of apps that have had great success with the Open Graph, as well as describes how Kinvey can help developers build native mobile apps that integrate with OG. Continue reading

What Makes a Great Dev Center?

Thursday Jan 3, 2013

DevCenterWe’re happy to officially announce the new Kinvey dev center, with improved documentation, easy navigation, fresh designs and a whole bunch of resources to help you get started building an app on Kinvey. We asked ourselves, “What makes a great dev center?” Then worked backwards from there. Continue reading

Build rich apps by running Business Logic in your cloud backend

Tuesday Dec 11, 2012

Business LogicWe are happy to announce that we are openly giving developers the ability to code and run their own Business Logic. With Business Logic, you can run JavaScript code inside your Kinvey backend, giving you PaaS-like capabilities without having to code an entire backed. Continue reading

How to Integrate Your Native Mobile App with Facebook Open Graph

Monday Nov 12, 2012

Facebook Open Graph allows web apps to bring social context and discovery to apps. But its dependency on web backends creates a significant “missing link” that prevents the vast and increasing amounts of user activity happening via native mobile apps on Open Graph. Kinvey fills that mobile app gap by making it possible for your native app to work instantly with Facebook Open Graph. Continue reading