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Our Guide for iOS Testing/Distribution Setup

Friday Feb 28, 2014

kinvey-apples-sticker-When you’re building an application for iOS, there’s a lot to learn! Apple has a lot of rules around how to go about distributing applications using their framework, so we’ve done our best to break down the steps you need to be successful. Continue reading

Native vs. Web. vs. Hybrid: How to Select the Right Platform for Your Enterprise’s Mobile Apps

Monday Oct 28, 2013

kinvey-native-web-hybrid-blog-lp-thumbToday, we’ve released our latest eBook: “Native vs. Web. vs. Hybrid: How to Select the Right Platform for Your Enterprise’s Mobile Apps,” a comprehensive look at three different approaches to enterprise app development to help organizations make smarter decisions about their mobile platforms Continue reading

What are the Pros and Cons to Building an App for iOS?

Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

Why Not iOS? Besides the features and design of your first app, there’s one more decision you need to make before you start actual development. That’s whether to deploy on Apple’s iOS platform or on Google’s Android platform. Continue reading

How to Prep for the App Store Shelves

Tuesday May 28, 2013

ShelvesSearching the App Store still remains the number one way people find mobile apps, so it’s important that your listing is formatted to gain as much exposure from App Store search as possible.

Much like Google’s search engine, the App Store has an algorithm that ranks apps for different search terms. Preparing your app listing to be optimized in the App Store can result in a marked increase in down- loads. Continue reading

Imagining the Perfect Arrested Development Mobile App

Friday May 24, 2013

ArrestedApp After a 7 year hiatus, the quirky show Arrested Development is returning to a Netflix near you. With all the hype for its return, I came to thinking – what would the perfect Arrested Development mobile app look like? Here’s my take on the Bluths gone mobile. Continue reading

Why Pre-Launch Hype is the Key to App Success

Thursday May 2, 2013

Pre-launch Hype You don’t need an Apple-like budget to create an Apple-like launch. You need a great product, a multi-channel mindset, and a bit of moxie. You also need to think as creatively about marketing as you did for the app itself.

Continue reading

Kinvey’s Mobile App for Salesforce CRM: Same Data, Different Experience

Monday Apr 15, 2013

SFDCAppScreenshotWelcome to the world of contradictions. Today Kinvey released our first mobile app, but we are a platform company – not an app development company. Further, the app we released mobilizes data residing in Salesforce CRM™ systems, yet itself just announced they are entering our space. Sometimes start-ups can seem unnecessarily confusing. Continue reading

The Beginner’s Guide to Xcode

Wednesday Apr 3, 2013

fig-1 You can start developing functional, good-looking apps almost from the moment you download Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) for making iOS and Macintosh apps. iOS applications are typically developed by manipulating views graphically and by typing Objective-C code for the models and controllers. Here is a quick guide on setting up Xcode and preparing it for app development. Continue reading

How to Market your iOS App: The Definitive Guide to App Store Success eBook

Thursday Mar 14, 2013

1-NoBGHere on the marketing team at Kinvey, we aim to provide content that helps make your app development process easier, faster, and better overall. For many, the challenge in creating a successful app doesn’t lie so much within the building process as it does in the promotion of the final product. To that end, we’ve just released an eBook called How to Market your iOS App: The Definitive Guide to App Store Success, written by our friend Mikael Cho at ooomf. Continue reading

iOS Version History: A Visual Timeline

Wednesday Feb 27, 2013

kinvey-apples-sticker-Our new infographic aims to capture the iOS evolution, milestone by milestone, version by version, throughout the history of the platform. From June 29, 2007, to the rumored future of iOS in June 2013, we’ve captured all the major milestones, feature updates and hardware releases. Continue reading