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We’ve Raised $10.8M to Drive the Mobile-Cloud Platform Shift in Enterprise IT

Tuesday Sep 23, 2014

Kinvey OfficeKinvey has raised $10.8 million in a Series B financing round, driven by new investors Verizon Ventures and NTT DOCOMO Ventures, and joined by existing investors Avalon Ventures and Atlas Venture. This financing brings Kinvey’s total amount raised to date to $17.8M. We’ll be using this capital to grow our team, drive product development, accelerate enterprise IT sales, and expand channel partnerships with a focus on cloud and systems integrator partners.

How and Why an Enterprise IT Migrated from FeedHenry to Kinvey

Wednesday Sep 17, 2014

My VMware migrationOn Monday we announced that one enterprise IT organization is now using Kinvey as the backend for its mobile apps. What we didn’t talk about in that post is why they switched to Kinvey – the apps previously ran on FeedHenry, another “BaaS” provider (more on why BaaS is in quotes later) – and how they managed the migration. So let’s take a look at the Why and the How.

Partner Embarcadero Extends Kinvey for C++ Developers

Tuesday Aug 26, 2014

EmbarcaderoHere at Kinvey, we focus a lot on providing the most robust backend as a service platform on the market. But front-end visualization and IDE’s are an important part of the developer’s experience building an application, too. That’s where partners like Embarcadero come in. Over the past six months, Embarcadero has been hard at work incorporating BaaS components into their offerings – and the result is fantastic.

Is CloudKit a Backend as a Service?

Wednesday Jun 4, 2014

CloudKitI’ve been getting a lot of questions thrown my way since Apple unveiled CloudKit at WWDC, most of which have the same three elements in common: “Did Apple just throw their hat into the ring? Do you think you’ll end up competing against them? Are you worried?” The answers are yes, not as much as you might think, and not at all. Here’s why.

Building the Cost of a Mobile App: What Went in to our App Cost Estimator

Thursday May 29, 2014

BeaconsIn many ways, developing our App Cost Estimator was a lot like building a mobile app. We started with the UX, connected it to the backend, tested, improved, and deployed – and now we’ve rolled out a new version. Read more about the process, and our recent improvements, in this post.

Cloud Déjà vu: Enterprise Mobility Fueling New Agility and Productivity.

Thursday Mar 27, 2014

Margaret Rimmler Have you thought about what mobile apps can do for your business? The fact is, the enterprise workforce is already mobile and smart business leaders are tapping into that power to drive up productivity, engage customers, and disrupt business models with new channels and revenue sources. What do they see that other don’t?

Kinvey and Gizmox Partner to Bring Simplified Development of Cross-platform Mobile Apps to the Enterprise

Tuesday Mar 4, 2014

gizmox-webguiAt Kinvey we’re all about empowering developers to create, test, and deploy mobile apps faster and easier, and we’ve always been fans of software and tools that support this mission. Today we’re excited to announce the integration of Kinvey with Gizmox’s Visual WebGui HTML5 platform.

Kinvey’s First Internal Hackathon

Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

IMG_1331 Last week, our super talented developers were given free reign to build anything they wanted. Be it a game, a tool, or an app, they had half a week to ideate, prototype and create their innovative idea. We called it the Kinvey Internal Hackathon, and it was a ton of fun.

Everything you Need to Know about Kinvey … in 90 Seconds

Wednesday Jul 10, 2013

Watch the Video We were stoked to release our animated 90 second video last week to explain what Backend as a Service is all about. The Kinvey team loved hearing your feedback and we received a few requests for a written transcript of the video. You can check out the transcript in this post.

Top 5 Presentations on Mobile to Attend at Red Hat Summit

Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

Kinvey at Red Hat Kinvey is exhibiting at Red Hat Summit this week in Boston. Our CTO, Morgan Bickle, has reviewed the presentation schedule and here’s his take on the five mobile presentations not to miss.