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Presenting the Ember.js Library for Kinvey

Wednesday Mar 5, 2014

ember.jsThe latest addition to the Kinvey JavaScript libraries provides tight integration between Ember.js and Kinvey. If you are building a web application with Ember.js, using Kinvey to store your data now couldn’t be more easy. Continue reading

Our Guide for iOS Testing/Distribution Setup

Friday Feb 28, 2014

kinvey-apples-sticker-When you’re building an application for iOS, there’s a lot to learn! Apple has a lot of rules around how to go about distributing applications using their framework, so we’ve done our best to break down the steps you need to be successful. Continue reading

Developing Apps for the Updated Android User Experience

Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

IllustrationsIt’s clear that the Android platform is evolving at a rapid pace. And, with that, improving the ways in which developers build apps, as well as the ways in which app users engage with these apps. Staying up to date on these changes is crucial for mobile developers as the platform raises the bar in terms of what users can expect for functionality, ease of use and features. Continue reading

The Executive Drive for Mobile Apps

Friday Feb 14, 2014

Enterprise-infographic-teaserEnterprise mobility is the phrase on every technologist’s lips these days. While adoption has been slow, mobile in the enterprise is certainly gaining momentum. Businesses left and right are interested in creating mobile apps for their customers, employees or partners. As a mobile platform for enterprises, we at Kinvey became interested in learning more about the app development process for these companies. Continue reading

Are BYOD-driven cost savings and security guaranteed?

Friday Feb 7, 2014

BYOD cost-savingsThe rather simple assumption has been that if employees are bringing their own devices, then companies aren’t paying for those devices – yeilding instant savings. Over several years of BYOD, however, reality has proven to be more complex. Continue reading

How the Idea of “Mobile First” is Changing in the Enterprise

Thursday Jan 30, 2014

BaaS and PaaS coming together Red Hat’s Director of OpenShift Strategy interviewed our CEO about PaaS and BaaS coming together for enterprise mobile development and discuss the “mobile first” approach is changing. Continue reading

How to Spot a Hybrid App on iOS

Tuesday Jan 21, 2014

Urban Spoon How do you know if you’re using a hybrid app? If it’s a good hybrid app you shouldn’t! Continue reading

When should your organization choose hybrid?

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014

kinvey-native-web-hybrid-blog-lp-thumb In an excerpt from our recent eBook, “Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid”, we explain the advantages of building hybrid apps for your enterprise. Continue reading

Why Facebook Ditched its Hybrid App

Wednesday Jan 8, 2014

FBOGforBlog When a company as influential as Facebook makes the move to a native app it’s bound to make some waves. But when you look at the factors that went into decision, it isn’t an open-and-shut case against hybrid. Continue reading

Four Questions to Ask before Betting your Mobile Strategy on HTML5

Tuesday Dec 17, 2013

Four Questions HTML5The native vs. web debate has inspired countless articles, daily Twitter discussions, and panels of experts evangelizing why one approach is superior to the other. More recently, hybrid has been thrown into the mix as a viable third option, making these conversations even more complex. Below is an excerpt from “Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid,” an eBook by Kinvey & Moovweb, about why a web app may be a viable option for your mobile strategy. Continue reading