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Track Downloads, Usage, and User Behavior of Your Mobile App with Kinvey’s Analytics

kinvey cloud analyticsSo you’ve launched your mobile app. What next? Oh that’s right, it’s time to track downloads. You log in to your developer account for the respective platform and take a look. 500 downloads already and counting … nice! So far, so good, but how many people are actually using your app? 

You realize that you spent so much time making your app awesome and trying to stand up that pesky app backend by yourself, that you didn’t put in any kind of request tracking or logging. Drat.


One of our primary goals at Kinvey is to shoulder the burden of creating, maintaining and scaling a secure backend so that you – the mobile app developer – can focus on making your app the best it can be. A large part of making your app awesome is the ability to respond to user behavior and feedback and incorporate them into future versions of your apps or even spin off new apps altogether. To this end, we have enabled several metrics for every app that come out of the box whenever you create an app backend. These metrics are here to both serve the need of determining user behavior as well as keep track of your cloud resource usage.

Currently, we offer the following metrics:

  • Active users – Number of users making requests to your app backend over time
  • Total users – Total number of users registered with your app at various points in time
  • Storage – Space utilized by your app backend for data and resources like images and videos
  • API Calls – Number of requests to your app backend over time, an activity timeline of sorts

Active Users and API calls are both time series metrics that are aggregated over daily intervals. Total Users and Storage are snapshot metrics that run every hour.

The following image is a sample of API requests made to your app backend over time:

Kinvey Backend as a Service Analytics

To get a closer look at these metrics and more, Sign up for Kinvey and try it out !

While these metrics are useful, we realize that they’re by no means exhaustive. We would love to hear more from you on what metrics YOU want to see and would help you to make your app successful. Let us know via our feedback mechanism on the Kinvey management console or in the comments below.

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