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Music Developers Listen to When Coding Their Mobile Apps

CoderwithMusicSome claim that listening to music while working makes you more productive; others argue the opposite. This debate is pretty inconclusive – it depends on the individual, the environment, etc.  Some like complete silence, others like ambient or nature sounds (Ryan recently caught me listening to birds chirping), some enjoy white noise.  


Here at Kinvey, we’re pretty big fans of listening to music while we work. Especially our developers, who can most often be found hackin’ away, staring at their lines of code in a hypnotic state of concentration while sporting large headphones. We all know that Ivan listens to trance, and Bhang blasts his heavy metal at a decibel level that must hurt his eardrums. But we were curious –  do most other programmers listen to music when coding? If so, why, and what do they listen to? We conducted a survey and received 300 interesting responses providing further insight into the musical preferences of developers. 



Respondents were able to select multiple answers. Looks like classical/instrumental takes the lead, but the musical tastes are certainly spread across genres. A small amount – 13% – of respondents don’t listen to music when they code. Respondents who checked “other” were asked to specify the genres. Responses included jazz, bluegrass, death metal, celtic music, arabic folk and gypsy punk among others. 

Note: in the survey, electronica, trance, and techno were not originally among the multiple choices, but enough people mentioned them in “other” that I had to include them in the graph. 


More than half of the respondents listen to music to block out distracting noise, to help them focus, and/or because they just love music. Responses specified in “other” included “keeps me pumped” and “I rock out and code better!”



Another question on the survey asked the respondents to list the top 5 songs on their coding playlist. We went ahead and made a playlist for you based on a random sampling of some of these songs. Enjoy!

MusicPlaylistView Profile
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Something we didn’t ask in the survey is where you listen to your music: Pandora? Spotify? iTunes? We’d love to find out in the comments. We’d also like to know – what do YOU listen to when you code your mobile app? Tell us about your favorite genres, artists, and songs you groove to when hacking away.


Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for Kinvey so you can listen to your jams while coding an awesome app! 

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