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Kinvey Fills Mobile App Gap in Facebook’s Open Graph Strategy

Back in 2010, Mark Zuckerberg wrapped his vision for the future of Open Graph, in a rosy pledge to developers: Facebook would help them “build an entirely new class of social apps.” Connecting third-party apps to users’ timelines was a rare win/win/win arrangement in which users would enjoy new ways to socialize, developers would see their apps spread from friend-to-friend, and Facebook would capture infinitely more intelligence about its members.

It was a bold, exciting vision that, for the most part, has become a reality. That is, unless you wanted to connect to Open Graph through a native mobile app.

You see, Open Graph was envisioned for the web. It simply didn’t lend itself to mobile. So the only mobile apps that connected to Open Graph were those that either began as a website (Spotify) or those created by heavily funded companies (RunKeeper, Instagram) that could afford to build and integrate the web-accessible backend Facebook needs to access the data to publish in members’ timelines.

Said another way, there’s a crack in the Open Graph, and it’s in the shape of a mobile app.

Crack in Open Graph

Enter Kinvey. Our integration with Facebook, available today, is the first solution that enables all developers — even those without deep pockets or big teams — to connect their apps with Open Graph. If you are an individual developer or part of a dev shop, Kinvey is your ticket to Zuckerberg’s grand vision.

Our Open Graph integration is a major step in our goal to empower developers to build a new class of social mobile apps. We are giving developers the tools to help their users share “authentic stories” on their timelines via their iOS or Android apps. This capability, in turn, will help these apps enjoy the visibility they deserve while, at the same time, helping Facebook fulfill its original promise for Open Graph.

For more information on our product vision around the Open Graph integration, check out this post, or visit our content-rich landing page.

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