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The Smart Smartphone Disposal Option: Donation

Beutler_kinvey_phones_blog_finalWhen you first bought your current smartphone, what did you do with your old device? I bet I can guess: you either sold it or … you can’t remember. “Did I throw it out? Do I still have it somewhere shoved in a drawer? Did I lose it?” you ask. Too many people do absolutely nothing with their old phones, missing the opportunity to make a difference with a better option: donation. That’s why we teamed up with Beutler Ink to create a small infographic informing you on where you can donate your old smartphone this holiday season to help those in need.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. With the recent release of Apple’s iPhone 5S and the slew of shiny Android models on the market, a new smartphone is bound to be the gift of choice for the holidays. And with these inevitable sales, many people will do away with their old phone without much thought. In the charitable spirit of the holidays, we hope this infographic inspires recipients of new phones to do good with their old ones.

Here are links to the 4 causes in our graphic:

We hope you share this graphic with your friends to spread the word and help put old smartphones to good use. If you’d like to embed this infographic on your own site or blog, here’s the embed code:

Have a terrific Thanksgiving and happy holiday season!

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