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Fetchnotes: A Productivity App Backed by Kinvey

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Periodically, we’ll highlight apps that are backed by Kinvey. Fetchnotes is a fellow TechStars Boston company that built a new kind of productivity app and turned it into a full-fledged business.

Why we love Fetchnotes

  • You sort and share notes as you type, the same way you write a tweet – hashtags #organize and @mentions share
  • It molds to the way you think, because you choose the categories on the fly
  • The app helps you get things done too.  Add a book to your #read list in an instant!

Founder and CEO of Fetchnotes, Alex Schiff, wanted to create a product to organize different aspects of his life. Alex felt boxed in by the productivity apps he used, so he began asking people what they used in hopes of finding a better solution. He quickly noticed a pattern in the complaints: people want an app that feels like a “clean desk” with everything in the right place, but they don’t want to do the work of organizing. This was the insight that springboarded Alex and his friends to build Fetchnotes.

You can organize the notes as you type them. You label them using a “#” and it automatically adds your new note to previous notes with the same label. For example, if you create a new note with the words “strawberries #groceries” it will automatically add it the #groceries list that you’ve already started.  I can only imagine how many different types of lists this app would be perfect for: #books to read, #goals, #dateideas, future #vacation destinations and many, many others.

It’s perfect for adding quick notes because you don’t have to go searching through the app for the right list. You just tag it with the list name and the app sorts it for you. It’s simple and intuitive. Need to add something to the list of a friend, co-worker or family member? It’s as easy as dropping their username in the note. If I was writing a note to our CEO, I’d write: @sravish take the #kinvey team out for laser tag #ideas

Another thing I love about this app is that all of your notes are accessible after you login to You can edit your lists from your mobile device and your computer, not to mention call, text or email in your notes. That’s golden for list-makers like myself.

Alex and several of his classmates from the University of Michigan created Fetchnotes. The Fetchnotes team doesn’t include a backend engineer – Kinvey now takes care of the app’s back-end needs instead. “With the money I would be spending on our backend, I’m able to invest in frontend. We want to focus all of our attention on building beautiful experiences and Kinvey lets us do that,” Alex says.

Fetchnotes launched in April 2012, and in less than a year it grew into a full-time business. The app is free and available on iOS  and Android.

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