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How to Market your iOS App: The Definitive Guide to App Store Success eBook

1-NoBGWe aim to provide content that helps make your app development process easier, faster and better overall. But for many developers, the challenge in creating a successful app doesn’t lie so much within the development process as it does in the promotion of the final product. To that end, we’ve just released an eBook called How to Market your iOS App: The Definitive Guide to App Store Success, written by our friend Mikael Cho at ooomf. Mikael goes through tactics for getting discovered in the App Store, tips for pitching your app to the media, and pointers on using multiple channels to promote your app. To skip right to the eBook, click here. Otherwise, continue reading for a short excerpt from “How to Market Your iOS App.”

The Fundamentals of iOS App Marketing

The App Store Isn’t Your Only Marketing Channel
Seeing your app in the App Store may be an awesome feeling, but just because it’s there, doesn’t mean that anyone else will discover it. You should no more rely on the App Store to be the sole driver of traffic to your app than an author should rely on Amazon as the single promotional tool for his or her latest book. Successful apps, like most successful products, require a mix of marketing channels — a combination that reaches an audience wide enough to give your app the exposure it needs to build and sustain momentum.

Building a website, conducting email marketing, and leveraging social media channels to funnel prospective customers to your App Store listing are important components in mobile marketing. Hoping to be found, on the other hand, isn’t a viable strategy.

Start early and get ahead
Building interest in your app should begin the moment you come up with viable idea for the product. Don’t wait until you’re in the App Store to come up with a promotional plan. Instead parallel track your vision for how the app will get built and how it will get discovered.

Creating an app is a journey, and every app is competing for limited “real estate” in the App Store and on the user’s device. The App Store Charts showcase only what Apple thinks will sell. Familiarizing yourself with Apple’s preferences ahead of time will give you the best chance at separating yourself from the hundreds of thousands of other apps vying for the consumers’ attention.

Invest in quality design
Design is key to App Store success. This doesn’t just mean how the app looks, but also how it functions. If you look through the top apps in each category, the majority have a carefully executed UX — one designed to help users understand what the app does and how easy it is to do it. The app’s intuitive UX must translate well as screenshots in the App Store.

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