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Development Agency Spotlight: Intrepid

intrepid_logoWe like to highlight mobile development agencies that use Kinvey for their backend. You can read our first “Development Agency Spotlight” here. Today, we’re showcasing Intrepid, a Boston-based agency that built Toucanect, a productivity app for iOS.

Intrepid Rocks Because:

  • it’s a 21 person team made of rockstar developers
  • it partners with other development agencies and works directly with startups
  • it also builds apps using the agency’s own creative ideas

Founded in March 2010, Intrepid has grown from three developers to a powerhouse team of more than 20. The frontend development agency builds native iOS and Android apps for everything from healthcare to games to entertainment. Intrepid has no niche, and it’s that way on purpose.

As they outgrew their coworking office in the Cambridge Innovation Center in 2011, Intrepid’s CEO, Mark Kasdof, knew the team needed a bigger space and wanted one that captured the same collaborative environment. When Mark found the office that is now Intrepid Labs, he knew he found a space he couldn’t refuse. (And after visiting, I can’t argue that the space is simply, just cool!) He loved it so much that he wrote a business model to transform it into a coworking space for Intrepid and other startups to share. Intrepid Labs is now home to about 10 companies.

Intrepid Labs

Intrepid has built an app for AAA, an app for Long Island’s Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, Newsday, and an app for an accounting firm to help small businesses track finances called Kashoo.

Perhaps Intrepid’s hottest app right now is Timbre. The app was built from Intrepid’s own creative idea. It’s a worldwide band discovery iOS app that connects users with local artists. It’s been featured on TechCrunch and Fast Company.

Intrepid decided to use a backend provider when developing Toucanect. The productivity app allows users to combine a variety of schedules, such as school calendars, after work meetups and kid’s play dates. Users can also connect their events with a friend’s schedule.

Toucanect Screenshot D 1112 Toucanect Screenshot C 1112

The agency used Kinvey for features like User Management, Data Store and Business Logic. Since Intrepid is a frontend development shop, using a Backend as a Service provider was especially valuable because the agency could expand its service offerings.

“With Kinvey, Intrepid has opened itself up to a new market for apps that require a backend,” Mark said.

You can find out more information about Intrepid on, Facebook and Twitter.

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