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Brightcove and Kinvey Integrate Technologies to Make App Frontend + Backend Magic

brightcove-app-cloudAs the mobile app ecosystem continues to expand, developers are constantly trying out new services for building and maintaining outstanding mobile apps. We recognize the importance of having easy access to these solutions and strive to ensure simple, end-to-end integration – from the frontend to the backend – by exposing these useful tools to developers. This is why we are proud to partner with innovative technologies that make these integrations a cinch. 


 Today, we are excited to announce a new technical integration between our Backend as a Service platform and Brightcove’s App Cloud mobile app platform. Now, in addition to taking advantage of Kinvey’s full-featured backend, Kinvey developers can build cross-platform apps using HTML5 and powerful cloud content services, particularly for video content, through the App Cloud frontend platform. Developers can use their existing HTML5 or Javascript web skills to easily create their app frontend with App Cloud and in just minutes setup their scalable backend – an end-to-end solution that enables the creation of feature-packed, context-driven apps that go to market in siginifcantly less time. Not only is App Cloud an excellent technological fit, but they too were founded in Cambridge, and we’re proud to team up with innovators in our home city and help to strengthen the local startup ecosystem.


To use App Cloud with Kinvey, download the Kinvey JavaScript library for App Cloud, drop it into your app’s project, and then get back to work on building your front end while taking advantage of App Cloud’s services. Backend features including data store, push, third party integration, user management, analytics, content delivery, geoqueries, and business logic are available out of the box – no tedious server or database setup required. Check out the App Cloud blog for more technical details on how to take full advantage of the integration.

“We are pleased to partner with innovators like Kinvey that expand the capabilities of App Cloud and help make it easier for developers to build engaging, interactive mobile apps quickly and easily,” said Phil Costa, director of product management for App Cloud at Brightcove.

At Kinvey, we feel that you should never have to limit the capabilities of your apps. With partnerships like App Cloud, we give you choice; the choice to use and access any service you need, and thus the ability to create better apps, faster. We’re really amped that more and more companies are selecting Kinvey as their “Backend of Choice,” and with each strategic intregration, our promise is true: We got your backend.  

To learn more, click here for an AppCloud & Kinvey tutorial, library, and sample app. See the full press release here.

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